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         Genealogy Native Americans:     more books (100)
  1. A Student's Guide to Native American Genealogy (Oryx American Family Tree Series) by E. Barrie Kavasch, 1996-07-22
  2. A Students Guide to Native American Genealogy , 1996 publication by .Bsrri Ksvssch, 1996-01-01
  3. Ancestry of Noyes P. Greene: The Quest for the Connection Between Maternal Native American DNA and Genealogy by Shirley Greene, 2007
  4. Native American Genealogical Sourcebook (Genealogy Sourcebook)
  5. Native Americans & the Wild West in 3D: A Look Back in Time: With Built-in Stereoscope Viewer - Your Glasses to the Past!
  6. Native American Flags by Donald T. Healy, Peter J. Orenski, 2003-09
  7. Cherokee Proud, Second Edition by Tony Mack McClure, 1998-12-15
  8. French and Native North American Marriages, 1600-1800 by Paul J. Bunnell, 2004-11
  9. We Are Cowlitz: A Native American Ethnicity by Darleen A. Fitzpatrick, 2004-10
  10. Heritage Papers: The Role of Native Americans in Military Engagements From the 17th Century to the 19th Century by Karen L. T. Ackermann, 2003-07-01
  11. Native American Directory: Vital Records of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin by Lorraine (Rainwaters) Henry, 2009-05-01
  12. TWA Tribes: Scots Among the Native Americans (Scots' Lives) by Tom Bryan, 2006-07-31
  13. Our Native Americans and Their Records of Genealogical Value, Vol. 2 by E. Kay Kirkham, 1984-02
  14. Power in the Blood: A Family Narrative (Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Appalachia) by Linda Tate, 2009-03-24

1. Cyndi's List - Native American
Wind River Indian Reservation A genealogy and historical website dedicated to theNative americans in Wyoming especially the Shoshone and Arapahoe Indians.
Cyndi's List currently has no sponsor
Native American
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National Genealogical Society

Arlington, Virginia
Cyndi's List The BOOK!

2nd Edition
2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
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    General Resource Sites
    • Links to genealogy sites.
    • Celebrating the Estelusti ~ The Freedmen Oklahoma's Black Indians of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations.
    • By Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

2. Genealogy & Native Americans Bulletin Board - Powered By The Ultimate Bulletin B
Database of materials about indigenous peoples of the world. Offers forums and articles indexed by subject, nation and geographic region.

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12:17 AM Earl Ross Coffee Shop The coffee is on, and there are pastries. Join us for a chat, which doesn't have to be about Genealogy! April 07, 2003 08:20 PM Marian Resources - Domestic Searching for Ancestors can be difficult, even here "at home". Use this FORUM for questions/answers and discussion about using domestic resources as they apply to your searches, and those difficulties that you may encounter. April 07, 2003

3. Lost Ancestors
Data from cemeteries, prison rosters, censuses, tax lists, marriage records, wills, and slave ship manifests dealing with native American and African American genealogy.

This site is hosted by
Netfirms Web Hosting Over time the records and documents of many peoples have been lost. In essence they themselves have been lost. Without the mighty paper trail we each leave behind, we are forgotten and lost to history. This is especially true of the Native Americans and African Americans, but is also true for many others as well. In my search for my own lost ancestors I have discovered many others who have been buried under tons of historical confusion and prejudice. So I have decided to setup this website to help others in their efforts to rediscover lost ancestors, by gathering as many documents that contain names of slaves, freed men, mixed bloods and native americans. Please feel free to search through what information I have. But please contribute any information you find so that we can add it to the database. Even if it doesn't apply to your search or quest. Because you never know when that family bible or letter is going to help someone else. Good luck!
Enter The Genealogy Home Page

4. Native American Genealogy
A data base listing of The Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Category Regional North America genealogy native americans...... Circle of First Nations Our Bimonthly newsletter for genealogy research East nativeAmerican Research How to research South East native americans, compiled by
Home Location Military
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Free Genealogy Library
State Pages Ancestry Free Databases CD'S and Books Visit our Book Store for more titles!!
Research Tools
Whats New or Updated

We have been making many changes to our website in the past few days. We hope these changes will aid you in your search for ancestors. Many of the pages listed below now provide a search engine to allow a better search of the information provided. When searching this data, use only the box beside, "Search this Database" or "Search this List" to enter your surname. Updated Cooper Roll
Released 04 February 2003
Census Roll of Choctaw Families residing East of the Mississippi River and in the States of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama made by Douglas H. Cooper, US Agent for Choctaws, in conformity with Order of Commissioner of Indian Affairs dated May the 23rd, 1855.

5. Wolf/Dove Native American Indian Genealogy Culture History
Discusses history and genealogy of native americans in the Louisiana area.
A KID FRIENDLY SITE-Help protect their future.
Cherokee, Choctaw, Natchez, Creek, Cheyenne, Chickasaw ,Sioux, Apache and other Tribes
This is your Native genealogy and history page and its free.Check back as new information is added daily
Literary Credit given when known

Can you imagine a place with beautiful mountains, glimmering lakes, rushing rivers, peaceful streams, and lazy bayous. A place where buffalo, deer and other wildlife by the untold thousands lived and migrated freely on an unrestricted land. A place where the trees were so tall it seemed they touched the clouds .A place that as gentle winds blow through the leaves and needles of those trees one could hear the voice of ancestors speaking. A place where un-touched giant trees gave shade from a hot summer sun and shelter from bitter winter cold. A place where mirror like ponds reflect the face of your proud and happy ancestor. A place where the night skies were so clear it looked as if the stars and earth were connected. A place where disease or sickness caused by viruses and deadly bacteria was unknown. There was such a place it was America when only Native Indians called it home.
GGRANDMOTHER THY NAME IS A MYSTERY TO ME Understand why it is difficult to research Native names.This is an excerpt from the book Life among the Choctaws by Rev.Benson.Registering for Christian school in Indian Territory " When we came to register the names of the lads we found a number who had none but Indian names, many of which were lengthy and difficult to remember. To such English names were given, but, whenever it could be done, the Indian name was retained and used as a surname. In one instance a lad came with a short Indian name "Belah" which we thought would do, and, hence, did not give him any other; but he was not satisfied, and in a few days came and requested us to give him an English name, which was accordingly done." No effort was ever made to record original names.

6. Alabama Native American Genealogy
of Choctaw issues language, culture, history, genealogy, upcoming events a resultthe federal government often negotiated treaties with these native americans.
Home Location Military
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Alabama Native American Genealogy Add a Alabama Native American Link Native American Links Bookstore Native American Store Archives, Libraries and Societies National Archives Information Locator (NAIL)
The National Archives is making great strides in digitizing some of the information it has in its collection. While it is unreasonable to think that all of the paper collections housed within the Archives are available online, there has been some progress made to assist researchers in locating information. One of these tools is NAIL—the National Archives Information Locator. Alabama Department of Archives and History
624 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-0100
Phone: (334) 242-4435 American Indian Movement Libraries AccessGenealogy Library - Provides a listing of our on line books, books we own, and books we will be putting on line. Societies Cherokee Heritage Center , (hosted at Cherokee National Historical Society
P. O. Box 515

7. Thebrinkofknowle
By Leona Halley Henderson, provides links to genealogy resources for native americans.
Lee's Geo Welcome
1970 photo! : )
NOTE:!!!! as of sometime in January 2002, I think, my new e-mail is update March 19th, 2002
This was taken over 32 yrs ago... I'm using it because I looked better when I was 40 than I do now.. It's heck having a 16 year old mind trapped in a 70 year old body! But what's the alternative? I'll live with it... for a while,
anyway Actually, I think that this little cartoon I drew about 4 years ago is a bit more realistic.. oh.. and the one above on the left is me.....
Daaaaa - -Dum Dump ta doodle diddle ..
; ) ; D
If you aren't particularly interested in my welcome, you can scroll down to the index : ). Also in January 2001 I have created a story about a cat that may be interesting to young folks or cat lovers. This non-commercial Web site is just another Brink ... a jumping off place to a lot of interesting sites! You don't have to buy anything, join or subscribe to anything, just use this site to help you surf the net and find something of interest to you. I have collected from my personal notes quite a bit of information and also have a lot of links to many other interesting sites. 'course there will be Geocities pop ups but that's how they pay for the space! You might want to visit some of their sponsors.... but no one is holding a gun to your head.

8. People Of The Three Fires Native Genealogy
Census data, tribal histories and queries for the Ojibwa, Potawatomi and Ottawa are part of this Rootsweb Category Regional North America genealogy Resources...... Guide to Records Relating to native americans; American Indian Tribal Directory; NationalArchives and Records Administration genealogy Page; native American
In March and April, 1996, a group of genealogists organized the Michigan Comprehensive Genealogy Database. The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Michigan, where collected databases would be stored. In addition, the databases would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even if an individual were found in more than one county, they could be located in the index.
At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web page. My name is Rose Edwards and I'm responsible for Native Genealogy in Michigan. Please contact me if you would like to contribute to this database. If you would like to host a Michigan county, please contact Joan Brausch World GenWeb Page US GenWeb Page Michigan GenWeb Genealogy Page ... United States Internet Genealogical Society
Here is a little background of the "People of the Three Fires": There are three major tribal groups in Michigan today: the Chippewa (Ojibwe), the Ottawa, and the Potawatomi. They comprise what is called the Three Fires Council. Although these three tribes have similar cultures and share the same territory, there are still some differences.

9. The Illinois History Resource Page
A webliography of links to topics including the state's symbol and song, government information, genealogy, Chicago, Lincoln, native americans, the state's educational/historical/cultural institutions, and special topics. Compliled by the Assistant Director of the Illinois State Archive.
The Illinois History Resource Page
Welcome to Illinois' First History and Government Resource Page
Established by Mark W. Sorensen on December 12, 1995.
For non-history Factoid information about the weather, average temperature, highest point, population, statistics, rate of unemployment, etc. contact the Illinois State Library reference service or call their Information Line at (217) 782-7596. Also check Help with School Work: State Symbols, History, Genealogy, Fourth Grade Reports, History Fair before you write me for help. The word "ILLINOIS" is the French form of the Algonquin name ILLINI which means "superior men." It is how some native Americans in this area referred to themselves.
Information about Illinois Government and the State Capitol:
Official State of Illinois Home Page or Governor Rod R. Blagojevich and a tour of the The Executive Mansion Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White Illinois State Archives ... Illinois State Library , vehicle and driver's licenses, corporations and THE 2001-2002 BLUE BOOK and The 2000 Millennium Edition BLUE BOOK and The 2001-2002 HANDBOOK OF GOVERNMENT Attorney General Lisa Madigan Comptroller Daniel W. Hynes

10. - Native American Links
Delve into these resources to discover and retrace roots to regional native tribes. Contains tribe page links and government records. About the native americans in SD in progress! genealogy finding aids
Native American Sites
Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe

All Indian Pueblo Council

Chickasaw Nation

Four Winds
Ojibwe Language and Culture Page

Native American Sites
Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center

Ben Marra Studios

Santa Fe Indian Market

American Indian Culture Page
... Bulletin Board Systems/Services 2000 -

11. Colorado Native Americans, History & Genealogy
Colorado native americans Query page USGenWebLinks Tribal Sites on line genealogy
USGenWeb Links Tribal Sites on line Genealogy Historical links Native American Biographies Other Native Links Links checked
Ute Indians inhabit mountain areas of southern Rocky Mountains since around 1500 A.D. making these Native Americans the oldest continuous residents of Colorado. The Present day Ute are in three groups; The

12. Creek Indian Researcher - Records And Links
A collection of resources for those researching their Creek Indian ancestors, and native americans in general.
Creek Indian Researcher
This site is a collection of records and links for those researching their Creek - Muskogee Indian ancestors.
Last updated Sunday Feb. 9, 2003. What's new, updated, or upcoming! Guestbook. Contact Custom background
[Press 'P' to make pages printer friendly, IE only].
BIA Inventory (Oklahoma)

BIA Inventory (Washington, D.C.)

partial transcription
National Archives Microfilm
- Indian Rolls
Creek Nation Tribal Records

Enrollment Records:
Search the Dawes databases

Creek "Enrollment Cases" Index
Creek "Memorandums" Creeks "Not Entitled" Census Records: Creek Nation Census Rolls - List. 1832 Creek Nation Census - Alabama 1860 Creek Nation Census 1882 Creek Nation Census 1843 Creek Census - summary only. Emigration records: Emigration Records Emigration rolls and letters 1857 "Old Settlers" Roll 1870-71 "Self-Emigrant" roll 1886 Stidham Roll of "Self-Emigrants" Special File 207 Index to claims of property lost and services rendered during the Creek Emigration, 1827-38. War related records: A list of heirs of Creek soldiers who died during the Seminole War, 1836-7.

13. Native American Home Pages
genealogy and History Gateway Indian Scout Publications Everton's Genealogical Helper The Lost americans Website native
and home of the
American Indian Library Association Web Page
Last update - February 21, 2003
Maintained by Lisa Mitten. This site has been visited by people since September 12, 1995.
WELCOME to my page of Native American Sites on the WWW. I am a a mixed-blood Mohawk urban Indian, formerly a librarian for 14 years at the University of Pittsburgh. In August 2000, I became the Social Sciences Subject Editor for anthropology, history, and sociology for CHOICE Magazine , the premiere academic book review journal for libraries. If you are a faculty member who has taught undergraduates within the last three years, please consider applying to be a reviewer for Choice . You can apply online at the Choice Reviewers Website My goal is to facilitate communication among Native peoples and between Indians and non-Indians by providing access to home pages of Native American Nations and organizations, and to other sites that provide solid information about American Indians. My page is organized by the following categories:

14. Genealogy & Native Americans Bulletin Board Cookies
genealogy native americans Bulletin Board Cookies. Use your browser's'BACK' button to continue. NO COOKIES FOUND. Cookies Explained.

15. Genealogy & Native Americans Community -- Bad Apples, Hometown Weather Data
Prodigy Logo,
Communities A-Z Genealogy Chat
"Bad Apples - Out On A Limb"
- a different kind of Family Tree
There appears to be an interest in "the weather" amoung the "Bad Apple" group.
To that end, listed here is weather related news in each of the areas where an
"Apple" has fallen off the tree.

Steve Jan Metzger Too Blue Charles Hansen Beethy H-D Billder Seasand
Rosie bigblueii Dottie Sandee Main Library Bad Apple Gateway
Community Resources Archives
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Bad Apples Hometown weather Meet Community Leader Meet The Moderators Member Web Sites Native American Lodge ... Site Map var site="sm5Searcher" Communities A-Z Genealogy Home Genealogy Bulletin Board Genealogy Chat ... Prodigy Communications L.P.

16. Native American Genealogy
This site is a guide to researching your Indian ancestry and contains a large amount of links.Category Regional North America genealogy native americans...... native American Bookstores and Maps. Melodie Sander's Cherokee genealogy ResearchMaterial. (added 20 June 96) How To Guide for native americans by Paul Sarrett
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Native American Genealogy
My new publication on the 1890 Cherokee Nation census has been released for publication, you can also order my 1880 Cherokee Nation census as well. The quickest way is to type in Benge under the search engine.
Index to the Guion Miller roll
updated link 2 April 2001
Information on how to obtain Guion Miller claims
new link 7 February 2001
Site last updated 5 May 2002.
Sequoyah Family files
added 9 November 1996
Descendants of Eli Sanders
(link sited added 10 September 1998
Genealogical information on Dragging Canoe
link sited added 10 September 1998
Jim Hick's Website, genealogies of Descendants of Nathan Hicks, Sr; Descendants of John Downing, Major; Descendants of Moytoy; Descendants of Oo-loo-tsa; Descendants of Thomas Cordery
(link sited added 10 September 1998 Native American Bookstores and Maps Melodie Sander's Cherokee Genealogy Research Material Kevin Cloud Brechner's Lecture on the White Buffalo Calf with Links
Karen's and Melodie's Choctaw Home page
(added 16 June 96)
Lakota home page with links to other sites
(added 16 June 96)
What's in a Name?

17. Native American Genealogy Links
genealogy. American Indian Studies The History Page (Early America dealingwith native americans)(link site added 20 July 1996) Kansas.
To make it easier to search for information we have added local page references. By Tribes
B C D ... Z
by States Alabama Georgia North Carolina Oklahoma ... United States Government
general adoptions politics myths crafts ... resources
By Tribes
Apache Blackfeet Catawaba Cherokee ... Wampampoag This website last updated 5 May 2002 Treaties of the Five Tribes
For this week in Native American history
(link site added 22 September 1997)
American Truths
(link site added 21 January 1999)
American Indian Genealogy Help Center and Message Board

Bulletin Board for Native American Postings
(new link site added 6 November 1999
Native American Libraries
(link site added 6 November 1999)
AXIOM Financial Management
for Native Americans (link site added 28 January 2000)
Wickiup's Treaty grids
, interesting graphs of the results of early treaties (link site added 10 February 2000) Woihanble Yuwita Habitat for Humanity (link site added 10 February 2000) Turtle tracks (link site added 15 March 2000 Multicultural Grant Guides
Tribes, States and Government Agency
Abenaki Indians
The Abenaki Webpage (link updated 5 May 2002) Traditional Abenaki of Mazaipskwik and related bands (link site added 25 May 1998)
Abenaki Culture
Abenaki History by Lee Sultzman,First Nations Historian

18. Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Genealogical Research For Native Americans
Genealogical Research for native americans. to conduct genealogical research on nativeAmerican ancestry. Service; The Local History and genealogy Room, Library
Genealogical Research for Native Americans
O ur staff in the Department of Anthropology receive many inquiries on how to conduct genealogical research on Native American ancestry. The following text has been compiled by our staff to assist you in locating sources of information. Please note that the Smithsonian Institution is not a source for genealogical research and has no records relating to Indian census or Indian tribal rolls. The office of Tribal Enrollment, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Mail Stop 2614-MIB, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. 20245, does provide information on tracing one's Indian ancestry and the requirements to qualify legally for membership in a federally recognized Indian tribe. If the name of the tribe to which your ancestor belonged is known, the National Archives and Records Service, 8th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20408, may be able to help you. They have on file census rolls and other Indian records identified by tribe, band, or tribal group dating from 1830-1940. The National Archives will search the records if given the name of the Indian ancestor (English and Indian names) and the name of the tribal group along with the approximate date associated with the tribe. They also provide information on other sources for genealogical inquiry. If the name of your Indian ancestor's tribe is not known, then you must conduct genealogical research in the manner that is usual for cases where Indians are not involved. You must attempt in the process to determine the tribal group in order to apply to the sources described above. If you cannot find the tribal name, but have attained from such research a quite precise location and period from which your Indian ancestry derives, then possible tribal identification may be determined by reading standard sources on Indian history and local history. These sources can help you find out which Indian tribes(s) or group(s) were in that region at that date. Given that information, you will still, of course, need the name of your Indian ancestor in order to locate the person in records arranged by tribe.

19. Native American Genealogy & History
genealogy pages Surname Searches Comprehensive Specialized genealogy GenBooks WarComes to Indian Territory Kansas Minnesota native americans, 1823, Ancestry
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites Genealogy
Travel Native American Interactive Genealogy
Quick searches ~ Informative browsing
GENEALOGY BOOKS Interactive Genealogy States AL AK AZ AR ... eCards

Do you have Native American ancestry? DNA may give you the answer. Search the Web.
Type it and go! Search over 500 Million Names Now!
First Name Last Name Search:
for people keywords and topics professions location ... surnames
Forums: * Indian Territory and Native-Americans in the Civil War Message Board GenForum and Ancestry Message Board - read and share information with other family researchers! Tribes: Southeastern USA Northeastern USA Southwestern USA Northwestern USA Living People, Family History Native Links - For all of us who heard as a child, great grand someone in our family was a Native American these pages are meant to help answer that question. From here you can find links to a variety of information and records, most of which are for the Native America American Indian Net NativeWeb Native American Genealogy (Brainfox) Bureau of Indian Affairs Federally recognized American Indian Tribes NARA Archival Information Locator Native American Resource Center Native American Genealogy Links ... Native

20. WWWVL: American Indian - Native American Genealogy Resources On The Internet
List of possible research sites to find your ancestors. native American orientation.Category Regional North America genealogy native americans...... Ki'auhau Indian Scout Publications Lost americans Website Memorabilia Corner Research Publishing Company native American genealogy native American
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
Index of Native American Genealogy Resources on the Internet
F requently A sked ... uestions for this site
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An exhaustive listing of Native American Websites and information. Now including images of many of the final rolls, and free online books!
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