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         Geology Courses:     more books (100)
  1. Structural Analysis and Synthesis: A Laboratory Course in Structural Geology, 2nd Edition by Stephen Rowland, Ernest Duebendorfer, 1994-01-15
  2. A Short Course in Geology for Civil Engineers by Dr M. Matthews MSc PhD FGS, Prof N. Simons PhD DSc FREng CEng FICE, et all 2008-01-01
  3. An Elementary Course of Geology, Mineralogy, and Physical Geography. by David Thomas. Ansted, 2010-03-18
  4. An Elementary Course of Geology, Mineralogy, and Physical Geography by Ansted, 2010-01-06
  5. Metamorphic Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths (Short Course in Geology) by Frank S. Spear, Simon M. Peacock, et all 1989-06
  6. Paleoclimates and Economic Geology: SEPM Short Course No. 18 by Parrish Judith T., Eric J. Barron, 1986-12
  7. Physical Geology Laboratory Course by "Gilbert", 1967-01-01
  8. CN38 - Geostatistics in Petroleum Geology (Continuing Education Course Notes, Number 38) by Olivier Dubrule, 1998-10-01
  9. Balanced Geological Cross-Sections: An Essential Technique in Geological Research and Exploration (Short Course in Geology) by Nicholas B. Woodward, Steven E. Boyer, et all 1989-06
  10. Coastal Land Loss (Short Course in Geology) by D. C.) International Geological Congress 1989 (Washington, 1989-06
  11. Carbonate Sedimentology and Petrology (Short Course in Geology) by N. P. James, J. Fred Read, et all 1989-06
  12. Voices from nature: Creation the work of one intelligence, and not the product of physical forces; being the closing lecture of a course upon geology and ... Men's Literary Association of Ann Arbor by Alexander Winchell, 1858-01-01
  13. Outlines of Geology, the Substance of a Course of Lectures by William Thomas Brande, 2010-03-29
  14. Sacred History of the Deluge Illustrated: And Corroborated by Tradition, Mythology, and Geology. Adapted to Courses of Scripture Study in Colleges and Higher Seminaries, and to General Use by Francis Fellowes, 2010-01-11

1. College Of Wooster Geology Courses On The Web (Menu)
College of Wooster geology courses On The Web. History of Life (Geology/Interdepartmental100). Oceanography (Geology 103). Geology
College of Wooster Geology Courses
On The Web
History of Life (Geology/Interdepartmental 100) Oceanography (Geology 103) Geology of Natural Hazards (Geology 105) Environmental Geology (Geology 110) ...
"The Basin & Range"
Plus an interdisciplinary course: Science, Gender and The Environment (PIDS20006) and two related First-Year Seminars: Nonsense in America: The Lure of the Irrational Myths, Legends and Earth Sciences of the Eastern Mediterranean Return to "Geology at Wooster" page

2. Structural Geology Courses
Structural geology courses. back to Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology Resources on the WWW back to the
S tructural G eology C ourses
back to Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology Resources on the WWW
back to the German Version back to the Japanese Version
This is a Listing of On-Line Structural Geology University Courses. More Courses are on John Butler's and Steven Schimmrich's Pages.
V IEPS Deformation Microstructures Course (
5847 Geology 516 - Structural Geology/Remote Sensing at Curtin University
G ... taught by R.D. Law
M ore (mainly) U.S. Courses on John Butler's and S. Schimmrich's Pages

back to Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology Resources on the WWW
back to the German Version ...
J. Kraus

3. UC Davis Geology Home Page
The University of MissouriKansas City Official Web Site geology courses. 120 Energy Science (3)
Welcome to the UC Davis Department of Geology.
One of the top 25 Geology programs in the country, according to
America's Best Graduate Schools
by U.S. News and World Report. Search
updated October 28, 2002
What is Geology?
and Where is Davis?

4. UMKC 2002-2003 Catalog (GEOL Courses 1.0 2002-04-30) - Geology Courses
geology courses. 120 Energy Science (3); 202 Environmental Geology(3); 220 General Geology (3); 220L General Geology Laboratory (2);
Geology Courses
  • Energy Science (3)
  • Environmental Geology (3)
  • General Geology (3)
  • General Geology Laboratory (2)
  • Mineralogy (4)
  • Paleontology (4)
  • Principles of Geomorphology (4)
  • Map And Air Photo Interpretation (3)
  • Sedimentology/Stratigraphy (4)
  • Introduction to Waste Management (3)
  • Seismic and Potential Field Methods in Near Surface Geophysics (3)
  • Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (4)
  • Electrical Methods in Near Surface Geophysics (3)
  • Structural Geology (4)
  • Hydrogeology (3)
  • Geology Midcontinent Field Trip (1)
  • Geology of Fluids (3)
  • Geology of Ore Deposits (3)
  • Geology and Hazardous Waste Management (3)
  • Special Topics (1-3)
  • Special Topics (1-3)
  • Engineering Geology (3)
  • Optical Mineralogy (3)
  • Petrography (3)
  • Geology's Role in Land Use Planning (3)
  • Introduction to Geochemistry (3)
  • Geological Development of North America (3)
  • Tectonics (3)
  • Earthquake Geology (3)
  • Tutoring in Geology (1-3)
  • Geology Field Camp (6)
  • Undergraduate Field Research (1-5)
  • Senior Seminar (3)
  • Advanced Environmental Geology (3)
  • Geology and Hazardous Waste Management (3)
  • Quaternary Geology (3)
  • X-Ray Diffraction and Fluorescence Methods: X-Ray Mthds Geol/Anly (2)
  • ICPMS Applications in Geology (2)
  • Aqueous Geochemistry (3)
  • Soil Mechanics (4)
  • Seismic and Potential Field Methods in Environmental Geophysics (3)
  • Electrical Methods in Environmental Geophysics (3)
  • Geotechnics (4)
  • Geology for Engineers (3)
  • Environmental Impact Analysis (3)
  • Inquiry-based Field Studies for Teachers (3-6)

5. Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute - Mercyhurst College - Erie, PA
geology courses. Geol 100. PHYSICAL GEOLOGY The significance of the rocksand minerals that form the earth; the plate tectonic processes courses.htm
Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute Anthropology/ Archaeology Anthropology / Archaeology at Mercyhurst Anthropology Courses Archaeology Courses Forensic Anthropology Forensic Anthropology at Mercyhurst Short Courses Geology Geology at Mercyhurst Geology Concentration Requirements Geology Courses
Geology Courses Geol 100. PHYSICAL GEOLOGY The significance of the rocks and minerals that form the earth; the plate tectonic processes that have built the continents and ocean basins and the forces that shape them into their characteristic landscapes in the process of their creation and destruction.
3 credits. Geol 102. PHYSICAL GEOLOGY LAB Special emphasis on laboratory and field studies.
Co-requisite: Geo 100.
1 credit. Geol 110. HISTORICAL GEOLOGY The study of the origin and history of life, continents, mountains, and ocean basins since the Earth's origin.
3 credits.

6. College Of The Siskiyous Geology - Courses
COS geology courses The geology program at the College of the Siskiyous offers avariety of courses to serve the general education needs of nonmajors, meet
COS Geology Courses
The geology program at the College of the Siskiyous offers a variety of courses to serve the general education needs of non-majors, meet the transfer requirements of geology majors, and introduce community members to the diverse geology of the Siskiyou County region. The thumbnails below will take you to pages that provide detailed information about each of these courses. Semester-length courses An introduction to the compositions and crystal structures of minerals, and to their occurrences in common rocks and ores. An overview of humanity's interactions with the Earth, from coping with geologic hazards to managing the planet's resources. An exploration of modern geologic processes and North America's geologic history drawn from the study of America's National Park and Monument lands. An exploration of the processes that are changing the Earth today from volcanic and seismic activity driven by the release of the planet's internal heat to the sculpting of its surface by the flow of water, wind, and ice. A review of Earth's history that will draw upon geological and biological principles to look back at the planet's origin and development, as well as that of the life it supports.

7. Georgia Geoscience Online
Online geology courses. at Georgia Perimeter College
Online Geology Courses
at Georgia Perimeter College
Funded in part by grants from the
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

Connecting Teachers and Technology Course Development Program and Course Adoption Program
Winner of the 1998
Regents Teaching Excellence Award

8. Geology Courses
geology courses. A grade of C or better is required in this coursebefore subsequent enrollment in geology courses is permitted.
EES Home
Research Facilities



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Geology Courses Courses with Web Links
Course Descriptions GEOL111 Physical Geology (3)
    Staff. Co-requisite: 113. The nature and material of the Earth and the moon; the development of their surficial features; and the results of the interaction of chemical, physical, and biological factors upon them. Lectures.
GEOL 112 Historical Geology (3)
    Mr. Parsley, Mr. McKee. Co requisite: 114. The physical evolution of the Earth with particular attention to North America. Also, the evolution of life through geological time.
GEOL 113 Physical Geology Laboratory
    Staff. Co-requisite: 111. A laboratory to accompany Geology 111. Includes the study of rocks and minerals, landforms, structural geology, topographic maps, and aerial photographs.
GEOL 114 Historical Geology Laboratory (1)
    Staff. Co requisite: 112. A laboratory to accompany Geology 112. Includes the study of fossils, geologic time, geologic maps.

9. JC Geology Courses
Below are listed the courses offered in the geology department. Click on each to get a course description. Our POE (Major) Geology at JC
Geology Courses
Below are listed the courses offered in the geology department. Click on each to get a course description.
ND 260: Remote Field Course
GL 100 Introduction to Geology GL 101 Introduction to Geology Laboratory GL 111 Oceanography ... GL 450W Geology Research Our Faculty Our Courses Our POE (Major) Our Alumni Our Students Geology at JC Request more information about Juniata's Geology Department
Return to Main Juniata College Page
Current Students ... Prospective Students

10. UMass Course Catalog: Geology Courses
geology courses. Geology geology courses Geosciences Faculty. (All applications.Geology geology courses Geosciences Faculty.
Home Courses Geosciences
Geology Courses
Geology Geosciences Faculty
(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)
101 The Earth (PS) (both sem)
Co-registration in GEO 131 required. Nature and origin of the earth; volcanism; minerals and rocks; earthquakes; plate tectonics; mountain belts; geologic time scales; wave, river, glacial, and wind action in modification of landscape and atmosphere; the asteroid impact hypotheses; genesis of non-renewable resources, geologic basis for environmental decision making. Field excursions.
103 Introductory Oceanography (PS) (both sem)
The natural processes of the ocean, including earthquakes and volcanoes, the hydrologic cycle and weather, ocean circulation and the global energy balance, the carbon cycle and productivity, biodi-versity and marine food webs, coastal dynamics. Also, global warming, sea-level rise, environmental degradation and the ocean system response to human activity and global change. Interactive class sessions, with considerable participation by students in problem solving, discussions, and demonstrations. Exams and grades based on teamwork as well as on individual performance. Students needing or wanting a laboratory component may register for GEO 131.
105 Dynamic Earth (PS)
Mountain building and plate tectonics; landscapes and the underlying rocks and structures; earth history; the role of earthquakes, volcanoes, coastlines, rivers, glaciers, and wind; natural hazards; survey of resources of water, energy, and minerals. Students needing or wanting a laboratory component may register for GEO 131.

11. Courses -Geological - West's Geology Directory.
Geological courses at colleges and universities Courses. Geotectonics Courses. GIS Courses. Historical geology courses. Igneous geology courses. Literature for Courses

12. The Department Of Geography - Geology: Geology Courses
geology courses This listing is based on the catalog copy as of July 2000. F andS mean Fall and Spring Semesters. Not every course is taught every semester.
geology the department geography geology ... Photo Gallery
Geology Courses:
This listing is based on the catalog copy as of July 2000 . F and S mean Fall and Spring Semesters. Not every course is taught every semester. IC, MC and OC represent Inner Core, Middle Core and Outer Core respectively. 102 PRINCIPLES OF GEOLOGY IC-NS 3 F,S
IDS 100 or conc reg req. Not for cr maj/min. Not for cr if had GEO 105. May not be taken under the CT/NC option. Lecture and lab.
Examination of the principles of geology and the tectonic, rock, hydrologic, and geomorphic cycles in terms of assumptions, forces, products, and consequences. 105 INTRODUCTION TO GEOLOGY I 3 F,S
Not for cr if had GEO 102.
Origin and types of earth materials; internal and external earth processes and development of landscapes. Equivalent to physical geology. 107 INTRODUCTION TO GEOLOGY II 3 F,S

13. The Department Of Geography - Geology: Geology Courses
Department of GeographyGeology. Geology Program Faculty Tenured/Tenure-trackJames E. Jed Day. Professor of Geology. 441 Felmley Science Annex 309-438-8678.
geology the department geography geology ... Photo Gallery
Department of Geography-Geology
Geology Program Faculty:
James E. "Jed" Day Professor of Geology 441 Felmley Science Annex
Elizabeth M. King Assistant Professor of Geology 440 Felmley Science Annex
David H. Malone Associate Professor of Geology, Department Chair 439 Felmley Science Annex
Robert S. "Skip" Nelson Associate Professor of Geology 443 Felmley Science Annex
Eric Peterson Assistant Professor of Geology 435 Felmley Science Annex
Stephen J. Van der Hoven Assistant Professor of Geology 431 Felmley Science Annex
Robert C. Corbett Emeritus Professor of Geology 437 Felmley Science Annex
James Kirchner Emeritus Professor of Geology 203A Felmley Hall of Science

14. Current Geology Courses
Current Undergraduate geology courses – Spring 2003. Course , CourseTitle, Instructor. Current Undergraduate geology courses – Fall 2002.
Course # Course Title Instructor
Introduction to Geology 1
Roger Bilham

Roger Bilham

Karl Mueller

Introduction to Geology 2
Introduction to Geology 2:Honors Alan Lester
Emmett Evanoff

Jaelyn Eberle

Stephen J. Mojzsis
Global Change 2- An Earth Sciences Perspective Jim White
sections 001-014 Introduction to Geology 1 - Lab sections 001-003 Global Change - Lab Introduction to Field Geology David Budd Petrology Charles Stern Global Change:The Recent Geologic Record Gifford Miller Computer Assisted Geologic Techiques Henrietta Laustsen Introduction to Oceanography Emmett Evanoff Extraterrestrial Life John Bally Introduction to GeoChemistry G. Lang Farmer Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Mary Kraus Mineral Resources, World Affairs, and the Environment Environmental Issues in Geosciences Jim White Oceanography James Syvitski Societal Problems and Earth Sciences Henrietta Laustsen Remote Sensing of the Environment Principles of GeoPhysics Roger Bilham Anne Sheehan Advanced Mineralogy Joseph Smyth TPC - GIS Applications Henrietta Laustsen Environmental Field Geochemistry John Drexler Field Seminar Tectonics Craig Jones Writing in Geosciences Henrietta Laustsen
Course # Course Title Instructor Introduction to Geology 1 Introduction to Geology:Honors Matthew Pranter Shemin Ge Matthew Pranter G. Lang Farmer

15. Current Geology Courses
Current Graduate geology courses – Spring 2003. Course , CourseTitle, Instructor. Current Graduate geology courses – Fall 2002.
Course # Course Title Instructor Oceanography James P. Syvitski Remote Sensing of the Environment Konrad Steffen Advanced Mineralogy Joseph Smyth Remote Sensing Image Analysis Alexander Goetz Principles of Aqueous Geochemistry
Rapid Climate Change
Reservoir Characterization
Dinosaurs - Hot Topics
Vadose Zone Hydrology
Paleomagnetism Peter Molnar
Thomas Marchitto

Matt Pranter

Karen Chin
Craig Jones
Field Seminar Tectonics Craig Jones Topics in Planetary Science Robert Pappalardo Seminar in Planetary Science Hydrology/Geomorphology C.N. Caine John Pitlick Earth/Planetary Physics 3 Shijie Zhong Seminar in Geophysics Anne Sheehan Geophysics - Inverse Theory Anne Sheehan
Course # Course Title Instructor Remote Sensing of the Environment Alexander Goetz Glacial Geology John Andrews Stable Isotopes. Cosmochemistry Phy/Chem Earth. Remote Sensing Field Methods Seismic Interpretation Quaternary Paleoclimates Jim White C. Stern S. Mojzsis G. Lang Farmer ... Gifford Miller Igneous/Metamorphic Field Geology Charles Stern Field Geophysics Anne Sheehan Origin of Planetary Systems L.W. Esposito

16. Courses Of Instruction In Geology
introduced. Prerequisites at least six hours of geology courses orconsent of instructor. Lecture two hours, laboratory three hours.
Geology Course Offerings at ASU
The following course list is taken directly from the Appalachian State University 1999 - 2001 General Bulletin, which can be consulted for complete information about the general course requirements. The current semester schedule of classes contains a listing of which courses are being offered, where and when they are scheduled to meet and who is expected to teach the course. This information is subject to change without notice.
GSG 1030. Contemporary Geology
2 credit hours, offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.
A course in a sequential series of four science mini-courses. (EACH MINI-COURSE LASTS FOR ONE-HALF SEMESTER. STUDENTS SHOULD BE ADVISED TO REGISTER FOR TWO MINI-COURSES IN ONE SEMESTER TO TOTAL FOUR SEMESTER HOURS.) The course will introduce students to selected fundamental principles and concepts of geology discussed and developed in the context of science topics of concern or interest in modern society.
Prerequisite: GSP or GSA 1010 and GSC 1020. Corequisite: GSB 1040. Contemporary Biology.
Lecture three hours, laboratory two hours. This course will not satisfy program requirements for students majoring in biology, chemistry, geology, or physics. (NUMERICAL DATA)(CORE: NATURAL SCIENCES)(ND prerequisite: passing the math placement test of successful completion of MAT 0010)

17. Geology Courses
geology courses. Physical Geology (Geology 101) Sections A and D Filson. FieldCourses (Geology 102, 103, and 104). Northwest Geology (Geology 208).
Geology Courses
Physical Geology (Geology 101)
Sections B and C- Filson Sections A and U- Satoskar
Field Courses (Geology 102, 103, and 104)
Northwest Geology (Geology 208)
Geology of the National Parks (Geology 200)
Earth History (Geology 206)
Back to Geology Home page

GEL 001 Dinosaurs; GEL 020 - Introduction to Geology; GEL 031 - Geologyof National Parks and Monuments; GEL 390 - Internship in Geology.
Undergraduate Program Undergraduate Research Faculty Job Links Undergraduate Program Undergraduate Research Faculty Job Links ... GEL 390 - Internship in Geology

19. Engineering Geology Courses At Drexel University
Engineering geology courses. FALL 2001. EGEO 200 Physical Geology LacovaraEGEO 220 Engineering Geology - Lacovara EGEO 709 Sedimentology
FALL 2001 EGEO 200 Physical Geology Lacovara
EGEO 220 Engineering Geology Lacovara
EGEO 709 Lacovara Check schedule and seat availability Advanced Engineering Geology
Origin and engineering properties of earth materials; engineering testing, alteration, and use of earth materials; special geologic hazards and problems. Advanced Engineering Geology II
Soil formations, geologic classes; rock masses; rock mass engineering, excavations, blasting, bolting, grouting; groundwater; contamination control and clean up. Advanced Geoapplications in Math
Methods of solution for both ordinary and partial differential equations, with emphasis on applications in engineering and environmental problems. Advanced Geochemistry
A geologic perspective on the nine planets of our solar system, asteroids, comets, and minor planets. Topics include extraterrestrial impacts, the discovery of extra-solar planets and the formation of the Universe.
Click here for more information
Engineering Geology
Click here for more information
Environmental Geology Foundation Engineering Geochemistry
Major chemical mechanisms controlling the occurrence and mobility of chemicals in the environment; phase properties; reaction kinetics and equilibrium; thermodynamics of chemical equilibrium;acid-base chemistry; oxidation-reduction chemistry; the carbonate system; precipitation-dissolution; complexation; adsorption.

20. Geology Courses
Course directory Courses listed by order of subject. Geology. Applied Geology(BSc Hons) Web

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