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         Georgia Cities State Studies:     more books (34)
  1. Living Atlanta: An Oral History of the City, 1914-1948 by Clifford M. Kuhn, Harlon E. Joye, et all 1990-02
  2. Transportation planning land-use studies: The state of the art (Research report - Georgia Dept. of Transportation) by Paul Francis Wendt, 1975
  3. Hope and Danger in the New South City: Working-Class Women and Urban Development in Atlanta, 1890-1940 by Georgina Hickey, 2005-09-01
  4. American City, Southern Place: A Cultural History of Antebellum Richmond by Gregg D. Kimball, 2003-11-03
  5. Gateway to Justice: The Juvenile Court and Progressive Child Welfare in a Southern City (Studies in the Legal History of the South) by Jennifer Trost, 2005-02-28
  6. REQUIEM FOR LOST CITY (Civil War Georgia) by Robert S. Davis, 1999-05-01
  7. Paternalism in a Southern City: Race, Religion, and Gender in Augusta, Georgia
  8. Country Towns of Georgia by William Schemmel, 1995-09-27
  9. New Men, New Cities, New South: Atlanta, Nashville, Charleston, Mobile, 1860-1910 (Fred W. Morrison Series in Southern Studies) by Don H. Doyle, 1990-02-01
  10. Strangers in the City: The Atlanta Chinese, Their Community and Stories of Their Lives (Studies in Asian Americans) by Jianli Zhao, 2001-12-07
  11. Gender Power, Leadership, and Governance
  12. Spending a Lifetime: The Careers Of City Managers by Douglas J. Watson, Rollin J. Watson, 2005-12-30
  13. Sea Island Roots: African Presence in the Carolinas and Georgia by Mary Arnold Twining, 1991-01
  14. Rage in the Gate City: The Story of the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot by Rebecca Burns, 2009-07-01

1. Georgia State University News & Events
studies to learn the best practices of cities that are professor of economics andpublic administration/urban studies in georgia state University's Andrew
Nov. 13, 2000 CONTACT:
Debby McCarty, 404-651-1385
executive director of Research Atlanta Inc.,
Study: Atlanta lags peer cities in arts support
ATLANTA - Atlanta's support of the arts is lacking for a city its size, according to a study released today by Research Atlanta Inc. Commissioned by the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Think Tank, the study compares Atlanta's arts scene with those of 19 other metropolitan areas. Researchers looked at such factors as economic and demographic characteristics, number and financial status of nonprofit organizations, levels of federal and private support, physical arts infrastructure, and affiliation of the arts with higher education and national trends. Besides Atlanta, other cities studied were Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose and Seattle. "Overall, the data presents a picture of a metropolitan arts market that is not especially vigorous when compared with similar activities and assets in other cities," wrote researchers Roland J. Kushner and Arthur C. Brooks. "Furthermore, analysis reveals that Atlanta lags behind several other Southern citiesÇThere is no easy solution to these issues concerning Atlanta's nonprofit arts and arts policies." Among the findings: * Although Atlanta has many arts organizations, it has relatively few per capita.

2. Story Of Georgia's Capitols And Capital Cities
Help students learn the geography of the United states and factual information about every state with these state unit studies.
by Edwin L. Jackson
Carl Vinson Institute of Government
The University of Georgia (Author's note: This material was first written in 1988. Historical information on the various cities that have served as Georgia capital is still valid although new information about rennovations and restorations that have been undertaken since 1988 or that are planned for the future, as well as photographs have been and will continue to be added.) Contents Introduction Georgia's First Capital Savannah and Augusta as Rotating Capitals Augusta Become State Capital ... State Capitol Complex
When Georgia declared its independence from Great Britain in 1776, Atlanta did not exist. At that time, Indians occupied most of the state, and the Atlanta vicinity fell on the boundary line between the Creek and Cherokee Indiansthe two principal Indian tribes in Georgia. The story of how Atlanta came to be Georgia's capital cityand of the gold-domed capitol buildingis a fascinating one. But first, a distinction should be made in two similar words"capital" and "capitol." These two wordssometimes used incorrectlyderive from the Latin word "caput," meaning "head." Although the word "capital" now has a number of different meanings, within government it refers to the city where the government of a state or nation is located. Thus, Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, as Washington, D.C., is the capital of the United States. (Incidentally, the term "capital" is not used to designate the city where a county's government is located. Historically, such a city was termed the "county site," but today is referred to as the "county seat.")

3. Atlanta Georgia Atlanta, Georgia (Georgia Cities And Towns)
is the county seat, as well as the state Capital. Find similar pages at georgia Citiesand Towns Atlanta Opera Atlanta School Of Biblical studies Beulah Heights
Location: Atlanta Georgia Georgia Cities and Towns Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta is located in Fulton County and it is the county seat, as well as the State Capital. It is situated northwest of Macon along Interstate 20, on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. The population estimate for 1998 was 403,819, an increase of 9,890 since 1990. A railroad was built in northwest Georgia in 1836 and a settlement blossomed at the line's southern end. The town was named Atlanta with its incorporation in 1847. Atlanta was the main depot for Confederate military supplies. This made it a target of Union Gen. William T. Sherman during his march to the sea. He took the city in September 1964. A major center of commerce, Atlanta is home to the Coca-Cola Company, CNN and the Centers for Disease Control. Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia are among 12 colleges in the area. Points of interest include the Atlanta History Center, Fernbank Museum of Natural History and Zoo Atlanta. Atlanta is part of the Atlanta, Georgia

4. Georgia: WWW Virtual Library
at the state Chancellery of georgia. (first issue on April 18, 1996). Caucasian Regional studies, The International INC. Distance Between georgian cities. Includes 25 cities.
Republic of Georgia
Georgia WWW Virtual Library The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
Subject Category About WWW VL
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
Caucasus WWW Virtual Library
IREX is pleased to announce grant opportunities for information specialists pursuing projects relating to Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia . Contact me if you have collaboration ideas. Read here about Scientific-Technical Center of Students and Youth of Georgia and the funding they are seeking to send a team to XXX-th intermational olympiad.
Network Resource List
  • Georgia Net is an excellent directory of web sites maintained by Sa*Net. Directory could be searched or browsed by broad categories.
  • The official Parliament of Georgia homepage . This server brings official press releases, statistical information about political and economical conditions of the country. The server bears an extensive list of Email owners in Georgia and serves a bill board for non-commercial messages.
  • SANet - Commercial Internet provider is fully owned by US company and supported by Parliamentary Human Rights Foundation (PHRF) and the USA Agency for International Development (USAID). The company provides full Internet access via satellite one hop from New York,NY.

5. Georgia State Unit Study - Facts And Symbols
air pollution studies in cities facing nonattainment status under the revised Clean Air Act. georgia's Environmental air quality chief, said state officials still must make
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State Unit Study - Georgia
These state unit studies are designed to help children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state. These studies are great for children in the public and private education system as well as homeschooled children. Print the United States map and color each state as you study it. Keep map at the front of your notebook for use with each state. Print the State Information Sheet and fill in the information as you find it. Print the Georgia State Map and fill in the state capital, large cities and state attractions that you find. Answer the following questions on lined paper in complete sentences.

6. Georgia Tech Research Horizons -- Spring/Summer 2002
The team is conducting field studies from both mobile and FAQS team believes air qualityin georgia cities will return to a more normal state this year.
Eye in the Sky sidebar:
Fresh Air, Weather Fair Air quality researchers note cleaner air last summer, but expect
return to normal pollution levels this season.
By Jane M. Sanders
Fresh Air, Weather Fair
, PDF format THOUGH AIR QUALITY IN ATLANTA last summer was the best on record since 1989, the state's air pollution problems have not been solved. photo by Stanley Leary So researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are already busy this season collecting air quality data around the state, hoping to advise cities on pollution control strategies, and alert metro Atlantans daily of ozone levels that could be harmful to their health. "Last year was one of those rare annual events that occurs when the weather cooperates and you hit the cycle just right," explains Michael Chang, a senior research scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and director of the Center for Urban and Regional Ecology . "Though it was good to have cleaner air, unfortunately, it happened when we were conducting an air pollution study." Chang leads the Fall Line Air Quality Study (FAQS), which is assessing urban and regional air pollution in the Georgia metropolitan areas of Augusta, Columbus and Macon. Researchers are identifying the sources of pollutants and pollutant precursors and will later recommend strategies for air quality improvement.

7. GDOT- Department Of Planning Studies
northsouth facilities in this part of the state. of a possible freight corridorbetween these two cities. The Central georgia Corridor has been given the
You are using an out of date browser or you have scripting disabled. Please ensure that scripting is enabled and that you are using the latest version of your browser. Click one of these links to download a current browser: Internet Explorer Opera Mozilla Georgia Department of Transportation GDOT Main Menu Georgia DOT Home Traffic Information About Georgia DOT Plans and Programs ... Links
Planning Studies
  • Appalachian Corridor Study . The Appalachian Corridor, part of the Governor's Road Improvement Program (GRIP)This study explores east-west mobility across north Georgia. At present, there are predominantly north-south facilities in this part of the state. The study's final recommendation was a 169-mile long east-west corridor beginning at I-59 in Dade County, continuing to I-85 in Franklin County.
    Central Georgia Corridor (HPC6) Study

    Environmental Justice
    is part of the Department's planning process and project development considerations. GDOT is in the early stages of developing a template for planning and project evaluations that will measure the benefits and burdens as well as the disparate impacts of transportation projects on minority and low income communities. The template was made available for review in 2002.
    High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) System Implementation Plan
    . The Regional Transportation plan calls for 262 miles of HOV facilities in the coming years. To determine how to best design and construct these much needed facilities, GDOT has contracted with the Parsons Transportation Group. The HOV System Plan developed by Parsons will ultimately guide the state toward better air quality and improved mobility. Please refer to the

8. Poly-Cy: Internet Resources For Political Science - Specialized Programs
Federal US states US Counties/ cities Foreign Govts georgia Tech The Sam Nunn Schoolof International Portland state; School of Advanced International studies;


Programs ...


Grad Student
Jobs in Pol. Sci. Conferences

WebTexts Internships ...
Libraries Data Grants Research Methods ... Computer Progs
Opportunities Consultants
Journals Manuscripts Publishers Style Guides
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American Politics
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Politics Online Political Parties Advocacy Groups Campaign 2000
US Federal US States US Counties/ Cities Foreign Govts ... Foreign Embassies
General Ref News/ Weather Search Engines Other Guides ... West Virginia Events WTC Attack FL Recount Specialized Programs in Political Science and Fields United States This is a fairly new page, created Feb 29th, 2000, so it has only limited entries/. If you would like to add your school's specialized programs in political science, policy or international studies, please e-mail me.

9. St. Cloud State Universty Graduate Bulletin
University; MA 1990, Ph.D. 1993, University of georgia. Ph.D. 1971, University ofMinnesotaTwin cities. of Community studies BS 1966, Wayne state University; MA

10. GA Trails - Resources And Library
the quality of life in georgia cities and communities. is to the Natural ResourcesPolicy studies Division which conducts analysis of state and federal
Trails and
Resources and Library
    A Land Trust Primer
    A brief explanation of the basics about land trusts and a comprehensive listing of the land trust agencies and organizations in Georgia.
    American Trails Resource and Library
    This excellent section at the American Trails site provides a number of publications sorted by major topic.
    What Are the Benefits of Greenways?
    Answers to this and other "Frequently Asked Questions About Greenways".
    Community Design and Transportation Policies
    New Ways to Promote Physical Activity; Richard E. Killingsworth, MPH, CHES; Thomas L. Schmid, PhD
    Conservation Fund
    Along with a variety of general greenway information, this site has sections on ISTEA funding and a collection of grant information for an assortment of national and local programs.
    A Landowner's Guide: Conservation Easements for Natural Resource Protection
    This resource paper describes the most widely-used method of protection for private land in the United States today: the conservation easement.
    Environmental News Network (ENN)
    Since 1993, the Environmental News Network has been working to educate the world about environmental issues facing our Earth. We began as a monthly print publication, called Environmental News Briefing, and two years later discovered the Internet as an effective means of reaching a broader, more diverse audience.

11. ESLhome Social Studies Resources
68) (level 9-12); National versus state Government - from georgia; Missionary Ridge;The Story of georgia’s Capitols and Capital cities - from the


... home

S ocial S tudies R esources S TATES U. S.A. ... LECTION S TATES

12. Macmillan/McGraw-Hill: Social Studies 2003
georgia. Capital Atlanta. Major cities Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon.Location South. Nickname Peach state. Admitted to the Union 1788.

13. Dowling, Langley & Associates - Case Studies
georgia Top 10 cities of Excellence with the GMA to identify, evaluate and selectlocal best practices from communities throughout the state, and named
here's nothing sweeter than success. The following case studies show some of the clients we've worked for and what we did for them. Coalition for Hospital Choice Gwinnett Kids Count - 2002 Education SPLOST Mills Corporation - Discover Mills Breakthrough Alliance Georgia Municipal Association Heery Millennium Schools Kilpatrick Stockton Situation/Problem A classic David vs. Goliath pitted Atlanta's mighty Northside Hospital, the nation's largest community hospital in obstetrics, against Tenet HealthSystems' North Fulton Regional Hospital in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. With its dominance in deliveries (16,280 in 2000), Northside required exclusive managed care contracts for obstetrics and other services with all the big insurance companies. So, rather than being able to go to the nearest hospital, patients were required to pass these hospitals to go to the required Northside. North Fulton Regional Hospital was one of several hospitals unfairly penalized by Northside's exclusionary practices. The hospitals were shut out of 80 percent of the North Georgia market, and more than 500,000 people were restricted from using their local hospitals.

14. Social Studies Links Geography CIA World Fact Book Country Facts
state of georgia georgia state Parks Information about georgia's state parks North traveland adventure in the mountains of North georgia US cities Index of Studies Links.htm

15. Web Links From The Institute Of Criminal Justice Studies
Provides extensive links to criminal justice information for professionals.Category Society Crime Research...... Legislatures National League of cities Executive Branch Institute of Public Policygeorgia state University Policy Research Center georgia Tech School
Serving the training needs of criminal justice professionals for over 26 years.
This is one of the most comprehensive web links pages
for Criminal Justice Information on the Internet.
If you discover that these links are no longer in service,
please take a minute to E-mail us so we can take action to update this pag e. Crime Prevention Law Enforcement Government
... Internet Search Tools LAW ENFORCEMENT Australian Institute of Criminology
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Canadian Crime Prevention Centre

Canadian Police College
National Conference of State Legislatures
Partnerships Against Violence
(Pavnet Online) Rand Corporation Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology Swedish National Police Law Library U. S. Department of Justice ... Web of Addictions GOVERNMENT Local Government National Office for Local Government Texas Local Government Web Sites USA CityLink Home Page Texas Government Office of the Governor Criminal Justice Division - Office of the Governor State of Texas- List of Agencies, Commissions, and Universities - Comprehensive lising of all state agencies Texas Law Librarians' Home page ... Window on State Government Federal Government THOMAS: Federal Legislation Library of Congress FedWorld - Federal Government Gateway Government Printing Office ... U.S. Census Bureau

16. Redirect
CIBA Vision, Duluth, georgia; Dusselfdorf's City Gate Portland state University, UrbanCenter, Portland, Oregon (PDF University of Minnesota, Twin cities Duluth

17. Business Assistance - Business Directories And Market Studies
georgia Department of Community Affairs 60 Executive Park South, NE Recycling in NewHampshire This document lists towns and cities in the state that recycle
Jobs Through Recycling Recent Additions Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Wastes Jobs Through Recycling Business Assistance ...
Business Directories and Market Studies AL AZ AR CA ... WI
  • Alabama Recycling/Recovered Materials Processors Directory
    This directory lists recycling and recovered materials processing facilities in Alabama by city and details the materials each facility handles.
    Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
    Recycling Office
    P.O. Box 5690
    Montgomery, AL 36103-5690
    Phone: 334 242-5336
    Fax: 334 242-0552
    Recovered Materials End-Users/Manufacturers List
    This document lists recycled materials end-users and manufacturers in the state of Alabama and describes the materials they accept and products manufactured. Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Recycling Office P.O. Box 5690

18. Case Studies Of How System Designers And Building Owners Have Solved HVAC-relate
Says Farewell to CFCs; Omaha, NE; Twin cities, MN A Atlanta, GA One georgia Center;Minneapolis, MN Refrigerant Management Key NM Case Study for the state of New
Home Contact Us Site Guide About Trane Search only Commercial
Case Studies
Case studies cover most building types on such subjects as efficiency upgrades, indoor air quality, refrigerant conversions, hybrid chiller systems, thermal storage and interoperability. Healthcare

19. | NCSS Affiliates
georgia. state Council; Aldine; Cypress Fairbanks; Dallas; Houston; Midcities;San Antonio Virginia Virginia state Council; Virginia Consortium of Social studies
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20. The UGA Keyboard Studies Faculty
College, georgia state University, Kennesaw state University, georgia have appearedon the Bay cities, Spectrum, ACA at the University of georgia, plays with
The UGA Keyboard Studies Faculty Dr. Jolene R. Davis has been a faculty in the University of Georgia School of Music since 1982, teaching organ, harpsichord, music theory, and church music. She earned the Bachelor of Music at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas and the Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts (in organ performance) at the University of Kansas. She studied organ with James Moeser and James Strand and piano with Larry Solomon. In addition to regular performances in Georgia, she has performed extensively at international, national, and regional professional conferences and on guest artist recitals at universities around the United States. She has been particularly active in performances of twentieth-century music and has premiered several compostions. Her services as an officer in professional organizations includes the presidency of the Georgia Association of Music Theorists from 1990 to 1992.
Contact via email:

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