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         Grammar Usage Verbs & Tense:     more detail
  1. Spanish Verb Tenses: Conjugating Spanish Verbs (Irregular Verbs), Perfecting Your Mastery of Spanish Verbs in all the Tenses (Present, Past, & Future) & Moods (Indicative, Subjunctive, & Conditional) by Brandon Simpson, 2008-07-01
  2. McGraw-Hill's Essential ESL Grammar: A Handbook for Intermediate and Advanced ESL Students (McGraw-Hill ESL References) by Mark Lester, 2008-03-21
  3. Yesterday's Verbs: Regular & Irregular Past Tense (Super Duper, BK-264) by Marian Vanden Noven, 1997

1. Grammar Verbs Main Section Free Download Sample
about verbs Correct usage of verbs Is / Are Correct usage of verbs Has / HaveCorrect usage of verbs Does / Do verbs Present and Past tense The Future
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Verbs - Doing Words
What is Petu doing?
Petu is eating sugar cane. What is Miss Kitty doing?
Miss Kitty is knitting a sweater.
Note the following
In the first picture the noun Petu is eating
In the second picture the noun Miss Kitty is knitting
Words which say as to what the noun is doing are called Doing Words or Verbs Sorry, the system encountered an error while processing your request. Please press the back button of your browser and re-send your request. Inconvenience Regretted. Click on the links below to learn more about Verbs:- Correct Usage of Verbs: Is / Are Correct Usage of Verbs: Has / Have Correct Usage of Verbs: Does / Do Verbs: Present and Past Tense ... The Past Perfect Tense Username: Guest Login Count: - Site Word nouns verbs pronouns adjectives ... Contact us

2. Indiana State University Grammar
Includes information on irregular verbs, modals, plurals, prepositions, tense and aspect, twoword verbs, and article usage.
English as a Second Language
The Indiana State University OWL contains over 75 worksheets on a variety of topics designed to aid ESL students. Choose from the subject menu below to view a list of the available worksheets:
Irregular verbs
Plurals and verb agreement
Tense and aspect
Two-word verbs
Additional information

3. Guide To Grammar And Writing
Reference usage American Heritage® Book of English usage 10. A grammar Toolkit make distinctions in mood, voice, aspect, and tense. See grammar, auxiliary and primary verbs.
Select from . . . * Guide (Home Page) * * Index * * Quizzes * * Sentence Parts / Functions * * FAQ * SENTENCE PARTS: adjectives adverbs conjunctions determiners interjections nouns objects prepositions pronouns subjects verbs.htm Abbreviations Articles / Determiners B/w 2 Independent Clauses Capitalization Case (of pronouns) Clauses: Essential Bldg Blocks Concise Sentences Confusable Words Diagramming Sentences Fragments Frequently Asked Questions Italics and Underlining Modifier Placement Objects (Dir/Ind.) Parallel Structures Passive vs Active Voice Phrases Plurals Possessives Pronouns / Antecedent Agrmnt * PUNCTUATION * apostrophes brackets colons commas dashes ellipses exclamation marks hyphens parentheses periods question marks quotation marks semicolons slashes Run-on Sentences Search Engine Sentence Combining Spelling Rules / Quizzes Subjects Subject-Verb Agreement Tense Sequence Transitions, Coherence Unbiased Language Using Numbers, Making Lists Verbs and Verbals Vocabulary Builders Paragraph Level
Select from . . .

4. Verb Tense Consistency
as in the first two, the progressive verbs will have This usage is distinct fromthe simple past, which
Main Indexes OWL Home Page Writing Lab and OWL Info Handouts and Materials Workshops and Presentations Internet Resources owl home writing lab and owl handouts workshops and presentations ... Get an Adobe PDF version of this page.
Verb Tense Consistency
Brought to you by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Throughout this document, example sentences with nonstandard or inconsistent usage have verbs in red
Controlling Shifts in Verb Tense
Writing often involves telling stories. Sometimes we narrate a story as our main purpose in writing; sometimes we include brief anecdotes or hypothetical scenarios as illustrations or reference points in an essay. Even an essay that does not explicitly tell a story involves implied time frames for the actions discussed and states described. Changes in verb tense help readers understand the temporal relationships among various narrated events. But unnecessary or inconsistent shifts in tense can cause confusion. Generally, writers maintain one tense for the main discourse and indicate changes in time frame by changing tense relative to that primary tense, which is usually either simple past or simple present. Even apparently non-narrative writing should employ verb tenses consistently and clearly. General guideline: Do not shift from one tense to another if the time frame for each action or state is the same.

5. TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - ESL : Grammar And English Usage
Part of the most comprehensive and bestmaintained list of links for students and teachers of English as a second language. ESL grammar and English usage. This is a All Irregular verbs - 150 Irregular verbs ( ESL Blues - Animated grammar Past tense Yes/No Questions (Eifion
ESL : Grammar and English Usage
This is a sub-page of
The Internet TESL Journal's
There are currently 9673 registered links.
Main Page
Links for Students Links for Teachers What's New
Our Web Sites
Activities for ESL Students
The Internet TESL Journal
Interesting Things for ESL Students
All Irregular Verbs - 150 Irregular Verbs (
With Spanish translations
An Elementary Grammar (The English Institute, Sarl)
Word Order Indefinite Article , and much more.
Ask Miss Grammar (Helen Moody)
Plurals, Punctuation, Spelling, .... It's for native English speakers.
Capitalization Rules for Song Titles (Charles Kelly)
A short, concise, image-free, fast-loading page.
CE.R.E.L. - Grammar Survival Kit (Université d'Angers)
Time vs. Tense, Exmaples, Exercises, The Elements of the Verb, ...
Chalk 'n' Talk (Brian Rhodes)
Lectures on grammatical structures using QuickTime video
Colin Edmonds Freeware ESL/EFL Software (DOS, runs in Win9x)
Requires registration to download software programs (past tense, plurals ...)
Colin Mahoney's Present Perfect Page
A lesson on using the present perfect.

6. TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - ESL : Grammar And English Usage
Online grammar Lessons (John Erskin) What is grammar, Parts of Speech, verbs,Simple Present tense, Adjectives, Lay - Lie Expalanation on usage (St.
ESL : Grammar and English Usage
This is a sub-page of
The Internet TESL Journal's
There are currently 9673 registered links.
Main Page
Links for Students Links for Teachers What's New
Our Web Sites
Activities for ESL Students
The Internet TESL Journal
Interesting Things for ESL Students
Irregular English Verbs (Andrew Rossiter)
A table of irregular verbs in English
ISIK University's Active Lessons for Internet Explorer 6 (John Denstaedt)
Phrase Recognition, Reading Fast, Crossword Puzzles, Concentration,
ITB Language Centre - Subject Verb Agreement Quiz
J. Reed's Grammar Lesson 1
See gram01.htm, gram02.htm etc.
John Halbert's "Learning about English Grammar" (John Halbert)
Simple Sentences
John`s ESL Community - On-line Grammar Lessons (John Erskin)
What is grammar, Parts of Speech, Verbs, Simple Present Tense, Adjectives, ...
Lay - Lie: Expalanation on Usage (St. Mary's Writing Center)
Explanation and a practice quiz.
Lay - Lie: More Help with Lay and Lie (Deb LaPointe)
A quiz that can be printed out.

7. Curriculum Guide - Grammar & Usage II
You are HERE Language Arts grammar Grade 5. Verb usage tense and Conjugation 1. identify different tenses of verbs present, past, future, present perfect, past perfect
A+LS CURRICULUM GUIDE The English Language - The A+dvanced Learning System The three titles use the A+LS Four-Step Approach, employing Study, Practice, Test, and Essay exercises. This approach provides for instruction on and mastery of key concepts in grammar, such as parts of speech, singular and plural nouns and verbs, subject/verb agreement, verb tense, punctuation, abbreviation, voices, sentence structure, and much more. The A+LS software design provides for an engaging, colorful learning environment. As determined by the teacher, students may also have access to Letter Lightning, an educational reward game which reinforces lesson-related concepts. LESSON # LESSON TITLE LESSON CONTENT ESSAY Sentences Concept of Complete Sentences; Identifying Sentences Subject of the Sentence Definition of Subject; Identifying the Complete Subject in Sentences Predicate of the Sentence Definition and Examples of Predicates; Identifying the Verb, Action Word or Predicate in Sentences Nouns Identifying Nouns in Sentences X Punctuation Completing Sentences with ?, ., or !

8. EFL Grammar English Verbs Revision Exercises And Answers
grammar and usage Exercises. language learning solutions,03 Elementary Verb tense Review. Give the correct answers, A, B, C or D. 01. easy verb mc.html
Grammar and Usage Exercises
language learning solutions
03 Elementary Verb Tense Review
Give the correct answers, A, B, C or D.
01. The guests complained,.................. they?
A. won't B. don't C. haven't D. didn't 02. He gets up at six,...................... he?
A. don't B. hasn't C. doesn't D. do 03. You drink coffee,............... you?
A. doesn't B. haven't C. didn't D. don't 04. I'm leaving early enough,............... I?
A. aren't B. won't C. am D. don't 05. I............ on holiday three weeks ago.
A. am going B. went C. go D. am gone 06. I.................. at that hotel when they had a fire.

9. English Grammar Exercise With Simple Past Tense Of Irregular Verbs
writing assistance, university, owl
Grammar and Usage Exercises
language learning solutions

Answer aloud using "Yes.... " and the past form of the verb.
01. Did the concert begin on time? 02. Did Mr Jones lose his temper? 03. Did Mrs Jones go to the supermarket? 04. Did they come early? 05. Did you drink tea every day? 06. Did the plane fly low? 07. Did the student learn English? 08. Did he run quickly? 09. Did she tear her coat? 10. Did you wake up early? 11. Did it cost a lot? 12. Did the student do his work? 13. Did the steak smell good? 14. Did you find your book? 15. Did Mr Jones ring? 16. Did Mary throw the ball? 17. Did Mrs Jones make a cup of tea? 18. Did you feel ill? 19. Did you write the letter? 20. Did you stand a long time? Exercise Answers INDEX VERB FORM AND USE 01 simple present
02 simple present have-be

03 drill: third person

04 elementary present
08 continuous and simple

09 irregular past
10 irregular past

11 irregular past
14 past tense review 15 past tense review ... 33 gerund and infinitive

10. This Is Eslflow's Esl Verb Tense Guide For Verb Activities/lesson Plans
verbs and idioms phrasal verbs Articles re Object lesson Sentence Match tense Reviewgrammar Online Technical Writing Common grammar, usage, and Spelling
Lessons Basic question formation lesson plan
Practising Yes/No Questions

Question Words

Vocabulary Warm-up

Question word order handout (PDF)
My Heart Will Go On
and present simple lesson
Speaking activity
talking cards Parts of Speech Parts of Speech Lesson Plan (PDF)
Practice : Parts of Speech
Parts of Speech guide(PDF)
Online Technical Writing:

Common Grammar, Usage, and Spelling Problems Lists verb list irregular Two Action Verb list 1pdf Verb Types Auxiliary and modal verb guide pdf Review Sample grammar work sheets(PDF) Tense Review lesson (Pilgrims) Tense Review Making questions Pre-Intermediate Tense Review Lesson ( Intermediate Subject/Object lesson Sentence Match: Tense Review Grammar quizzes Past Tense Past and Present Tense Flash Cards(PDF) Past and Present Tense Worksheet (PDF) Irregular Verb Game (Tic Tac Toe PDF) past tense Engclub past tenses past vs perfect Tense contrast 2 part verbs ... 2 part verbs and idioms phrasal verbs Articles re Grammar Basic Tenses complete verbs(PDF) Simple vs continuous pres con3 uvic Pres con review exercises progressive Basic tenses and time lines Lessons/ Activities Grammar Wheels Set of Grammar Worksheets **Basic Sentences Timelines Guides Verb Guide with sample sentences (4 pages) pdf all tenses 1 all tenses all tenses Better English Present perfect continuous lesson English - Talking about the Future future perfect con (English Page) worksheet Guides Verb Guide with sample sentences (4 pages) pdf all tenses 1 all tenses all tenses Better English Present perfect continuous lesson English - Talking about the Future

11. Grammar, Usage, And Punctuation
Table of Contents. grammar, usage, and Punctuation. Present versus present continuoustense. “State of being” verbs don’t use present continuous tense.
Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation
Click here to start
Table of Contents
Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation “You,” “the user,” and “users” “Must,” “can,” “may,” and “should” “A” versus “the” ... Instead of a hyphen Author: Karin Gallagher Email: Home Page:

12. Grammar
Mechanical Monstrosities, and usage Ugliness. Nouns. Noun and Pronoun Agreement.OnLine English grammar. Participles. Passive Voice Use. Perfect tense. Phrasal verbs.
Grammar and Writing Links
A, An, The Agreeing Subjects and Verbs "Ask Ruth:" Capitalization ... Mechanical Monstrosities and Usage Ugliness Nouns Noun and Pronoun Agreement On-Line English Grammar ... Writing Correct Sentences

13. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Verbs (Parts Of Speech)
HIGH SCHOOL BEYOND English Language Arts grammar, usage Form grammar Parts of Principal Parts of verbs; Regular Irregular verbs; tense, Aspect
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  • Auxiliary Verbs
  • Principal Parts of Verbs
  • Verb Contractions
  • Verbs ... Contact Us
  • 14. Grammar & Usage II Content
    A+dvanced Learning System®, grammar usage II GRADE LEVELS 46. . 13. verbs 2.Three Forms of verbs; Identifying the Past tense of verbs in Context. 14.
    A+dvanced Learning System

    LESSON TITLE LESSON CONTENT Sentences Concept of Complete Sentences; Identifying Sentences Subject of the Sentence Definition of Subject; Identifying the Complete Subject in Sentences Predicate of the Sentence Definition and Examples of Predicates; Identifying the Verb, Action Word or Predicate in Sentences Nouns Identifying Nouns in Sentences Punctuation Completing Sentences with ?, ., or ! Plural Nouns 1 Finding the Plural Forms of Nouns; Changing y to i with es; Changing e to v with es; Adding s Plural Nouns 2 Finding the Plural Forms of Nouns; Correct Spelling of Plurals Pronouns 1 Identify the Subject or Object Pronoun in Context; Subject Referents, Pronouns 2 Complete Sentences with Correct Pronoun in Context; Subject, Object; and Possessives Who/Whom Complete Sentences with the Correct Pronoun in Context Verbs 1 Action and Actionless Verbs; Identifying the Verb or Verb Phrase in Context Subject/Verb Agreement Identifying the Correct Form of the Verb to Agree Verbs 2 Three Forms of Verbs; Identifying the Past Tense of Verbs in Context

    15. Lesson Tutor : Verb Tense And Conjugation
    Lessons in tenses for first, second, and third person and conjugation in present, past, future, and Category Arts Education Language Arts Lesson Plans and Reproducibles...... You are HERE Language Arts grammar Grade 5. Verb usage tense and Conjugationby Elaine Ernst to 1. identify different tenses of verbs present, past
    YOUR AD HERE You are HERE >> Language Arts > Grammar > Grade 5
    Verb Usage : Tense and Conjugation
    by Elaine Ernst Schneider

    Objective(s) By the end of this lesson the student will be able to:
    1. identify different tenses of verbs - present, past, future, present perfect, past perfect and future perfect.
    2. use the correct verb tense in a given sentence.
    3. conjugate regular verbs into first, second, or third person tenses. Pre-Class Assignment: Resources/Equipment/Time Required: Outline:
    In many achievement tests, there is an entire section of the test devoted to verb tense. Use the following little "trick" to determine which verb tense is the correct one to use in each tense. For present tense, use this sentence, putting your verb in the blank:
    I today. For past tense, use this sentence, putting the same verb in the blank:
    For future tense, add will plus your verb:
    I will tomorrow. For present perfect, add have plus the past participle: For past perfect, add had plus the past participle: For future perfect, add will have plus the past participle: Example: RUN - Imagine that you are talking with a friend about field day races.

    16. Legal Research And Writing
    of the grammar, punctuation, and usage you should grammar and Punctuation ExercisesKeyed to Just of and Dangling); Parallelism; Semicolons; verbs (Verb tense and
    CONTACT US SITE MAP Prospective Students Our Community ... Alumni
    Legal Writing
    Mr. Lahn
    Of Note
    The New York Times series Writers on Writing is available on line. If you like word games, try the Merriam-Webster daily word game Law School Our Community Course Sites
    Grammar, Usage, Punctuation, and Style
    Useful Links: On-Line Tutorials, Competency-Test Review Materials, and Other Good Stuff

    17. The Structure Of English
    What is grammar? grammar and usage. Descriptive and prescriptive grammar. For ninthweek Verb grammar; tense and Aspect Read ORG ch 7, 11 verbs, VP Do
    Schedule/Program First Meeting
    Topics: What is Language? What is grammar?
    Grammar and usage.
    Descriptive and prescriptive grammar.
    For second week:
    Read: ORG, Part 1: Introduction, pp. 1-21
    Do: "Fumblerules" (handout), second column
    Prescriptive and disputed grammar
    , Exercise
    For third week:
    Read: ORG, ch. 2, pp.22-41. ch. 3, pp. 42-64
    What is a sentence?
    Do: Ex on Clause Structure For fourth week: Read: ORG, ch. 3 again pp. Do: Ex on Various Sentence and Clause Patterns A table of sentence patterns For fifth week: Read: ORG, ch. 4 Do: Ex. on Word Classes Ex on Sentence Type and Discourse Function For sixth week: Read: ORG, ch 5, re-read ch 2.5-2.8 Do: NOUNS Exercises on nouns For seventh week: Read: OR, ch 6, 10.1-10.4: Determiners, Pronouns, NP Do: Exercises on Determiners For eighth week: Read: ORG ch 8, 10.5-6, 10.8-10.10, 12.1-12.4: Adjectives, AP Do: Adjective or Adverb? Adj Exercise 1 Adj Exercise 2 For ninth week: Verb Grammar; Tense and Aspect Read: ORG ch 7, 11: Verbs, VP Do: Exercises on tense and aspect: Tense and Aspect Past Time/Tense Present Time/Tense Future Time/Tense For tenth week: Mood and Modality Read: ORG ch 7, 11: Verbs again, VP

    18. The SPANISH Curriculum: Language & Culture
    on Spanish vocabulary, grammar and usage online including Spanish Vocabulary List,Spanish grammar Exercises. on Present tense, Basic verbs, Present tense
  • My on-line Professional Development course with these and many more sites!
  • National Foreign Language Learning Standards
  • Curriculum Frameworks for Foreign Languages (Massachusetts) To view the Curriculum Frameworks online, you must first install the Acrobat Reader plug-in. Click here to download! Or, use your school's copy of the current frameworks to reference the appropriate Learning Standards.
  • Free translation of web sites and text for Spanish, French, and German to English and English to Spanish! AMAZING!! Another Translation site is Systran
  • Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections A great project resource for all levels
  • BBC Education - Spanish An amazing series of interactive resources for learning the Spanish Language! Use the "gauge" to find out how much Spanish you know, and then choose the resources you need to learn more!.
  • The Spanish Tutorial A great Spanish learning site! This comprehensive site has over 70 interactive lessons from introductory to advanced Spanish grammar, usage and vocabulary, plus cultural information, travel notes, and idiom help! An absolute must for anyone looking to learn Spanish online!.
  • 19. Engl111 Functional Grammar And Composition
    A. First Week. 1. Diagnostic essay. 2. Diagnostic grammar usage test. G. Unit6 – Understanding Basic grammar Page 337. 1. verbs Past tense Page 339.
    INSTRUCTOR: Celia G. Hezekiah
    The following textbook must be purchased: Kriszner, Laurie and Stephen R. Mandell. Writing First Practice in Context New York: Beford/St. Martin’s, 2000.
    I. Course Description
    English III. Functional Grammar and Composition. 3(3,0). This course gives the students, regardless of areas of specialization, the opportunity to improve themselves in the written and oral areas of communication so that they will be able to function adequately after graduation. Attention is also given to the development of such reading skills as comprehension, vocabulary, and speech. (F, S)
    II. Course Objective and Rationale
    English III is designed to provide assistance to students who have failed the English Proficiency Examination. The primary goal of this course is to help students to write acceptably. Students will acquire critical and practical knowledge in the areas of oral and written communication skills.

    20. Grammar And Usage In The Classroom, 2/E - Allyn & Bacon / Longman Catalog
    I. grammar. 1. Teaching grammar and usage. 2. Parts of Speech. 3. Basic Sentencesand Their Diagrams. 4. verbs Forms, “tense,” and Helping verbs.,4096,0205306551,00.html?type

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