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         Graphics Color Composing:     more detail

1. Tips For Graphics On The Homepage
Web graphics Image Resources Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List FLY BACKGROUNDGENERATOR colors Thalia Guide color page color composing engine and
Graphics on the homepage This is one of the fine arts.
I really hate it when I click on a link and then must sit there twiddling my thumbs while the file is transmitted. Tantalizingly enough, the message says "Done" but that applied only to the initial text file. Meanwhile, the big images keep coming ... and I hope this time they will be worth all that digital exercise. Most of the time, I visit sites of this kind once and never again. What is needed is a contradiction in terms: "the perfect compromise" between image quality, image size, and file size. Cameras take pictures in pixels = dots.
The key measure is resolution, expressed in dots per inch, or dpi.
The higher the dpi, the greater the quality, the larger the computer file size. Tip 1: Total file size, including that of the associated images, should be under 20 K. If one needs more than one or two images, one should create several files to link them to. Tip 2: If at all possible, create the image at a very low resolution, in few colors, in the size needed for the screen. Later resizing will not affect the file size but will affect the quality. Example for creating a color image by use of a scanner: BEFORE YOU SCAN or PRESCAN, set the resolution to 72 or 75 dpi, set the colors to 256 (VGA) and set the size to fairly small, such as 2 or 3" wide with the height proportional, or 50% max. of a small photo. AFTER YOU SCAN, crop the image to get rid of any unwanted areas or frames. Save. FINALLY, save in .gif or .jpeg format. Check the file size: if the image file is a bit big (e.g., much more than 20 K), you can adjust the file without corrupting it too much. But if the image file is much too large, rescan it with lower settings, or reduce the number of colors. See

2. Ozline - Adding Graphics
For a more comprehensive overview to working with graphics, you can view the If youwant help changing the background color go to The color composing Engine at
The following page will step you through creating a simple, but elegant, title header in Photoshop. Use this page to learn the process. Don't worry if every detail is not "just perfect." There will be thousands of hours available to you during the golden years of retirement to fuss with graphic arts.
Step 1: Finding a Graphic
Use the links you have found for your Web-based activity to search out and download an image. Realize that because you can download any image from the Web doesn't mean that you should This being said, choose an image from the links you've found for your Web activity. Look for an image that represents the content, is an image of, or a metaphor for, the topic you're creating a Web-activity around. Then follow the user-friendly steps below:
  • For Macintosh, click the mouse down on the desired image and hold it until a pop-up menu appears. For Windows, click the mouse down with the right mouse button to see the menu.
  • Select Save this Image As... from the pop-up menu.
  • When prompted, save the file with an appropriate name and location (
  • 3. Two4U's Color Page
    Adding WHITE to a color produces a TINT. Adding BLACK to a color produces a SHADE. in native format Raster graphics color information is stored based on pellison/colorlab/ Two4Us color composing Engine http// compose Two4Us color
    T U 's C olor P age
    olor composing engine
    With this engine you can compose your own unique color-
    combination for your WWW-documents interactively S mall color database without color samples
    mall color database with color samples
    The pages contain 47 colors. They're stored in:
    UNIX/Linux tar.Z-format

    DOS ZIP-format
    M edium color database without color samples ... edium color database with color samples
    The pages contain 100 colors. They're stored in:
    UNIX/Linux tar.Z-format

    DOS ZIP-format
    B ig database without color samples ... ig color database with color samples Contains colors. UNIX/Linux tar.Z-format DOS ZIP-format T he Background Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Gives answer to questions about backgrounds like: Which attributes are available? How do I convert to HEX? , etc. L inks to other documents: N etscape's page on the background attributes N etscape's background samplers ...

    4. Untitled
    Tips for using nondithering colors in your graphics, including several useful palettes of non-dithering colors, Also includes a color composing engine for custom colors.
    Updated 2/11/97
    Technical and How-to
    The Discriminating Color Palette

    An informative article about on-screen color and cross platform color palettes.
    Instruction and examples for working with the browser-safe palette.
    Exporting GIFs with Web-safe Colors

    Digital Video Evangelist George Jardine demonstrates using Web-safe colors in Adobe Illustrator 6.0.2.
    Gamma Correction Home Page

    Begins with "What is Gamma Correction and Why do I Care?"
    Optimizing Web Graphics
    An excellent explanation of the various aspects of using color in Web pages. Preparing Graphics for the Web View the difference between GIF and JPEG, adaptive palette and system palette. Color-related Products True-to-Life Color PC Magazine contributing editor Luisa Simone's review of palette-creation and management products. Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and more) Digital Frontiers (HVS Color, HVS Webfocus) Equilibrium (Debabelizer) Pantone (ColorDrive) Silicon Graphics (CosmoColor) Sonnetech (Colorific) Color Choosers Note: There are dozens of color choosers available on the Web. These are the ones we've found to be interesting and useful, but you can find a more complete list on Yahoo!

    5. Nonprofit Prophets: Technology Resources
    color composing Engine this is the best way to choose the background View all 256color background codes these are colors that can Creating Computer graphics.
    Resources for Technology Jobs
    Building a World Wide Web Page
    Technology Task
    The Webmaster will be responsible for formatting all the other students' articles, images, digital videos, etc. into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) in order to create the World Wide Web pages.
    Technology Requirements Basic Text Editor if students will program in HTML (free "lite" versions are available for both): or Word Processors that have extensions to HTML converters/editors: and the Web browser: Internet Resources/Examples
    Nonprofit Prophets Web Page Template
    this is a very dated shell of a Web site, but it might give you some ideas.
    A great resource for all Web design needs

    6. Intro. To Web Graphics: Resources
    color composing Engine http//; Which colorPalette? Optimizing Web graphics http//
    Cabrillo College - DM162/CIS162 - John Govsky, instructor Search
    this site
    ... Grades Resources Server
    HTML Tag References

    7. Maximizer Software - Solutions - EcBuilder
    as well as hex values and an online color composing Engine Includes limitedcolorpalettes even more widely compatible than Lynda Weinman's graphics Clip Art.
    Product Information Product Summary
    Product QuickTour

    Key Features

    What's New
    System Requirements

    Purchase Purchase ecBuilder Pro
    Upgrade to ecBuilder Pro

    Get a Free Trial
    For Users e-Commerce 101
    Send Product Suggestions

    Register Your Software
    Documentation Contact Contact Us Maximizer Solutions
    How to Design a Good Web Site
    What kinds of graphics work best for your site? How long will customers wait for a Web page to load before they give up and leave? How is writing for the Web different from writing for print? Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox
    Jakob Nielsen, formerly of Sun Microsystems and now a Internet consultant, is one of the best-known writers on the Web, and constantly stresses useability over flashy design. His regular Alertbox column highlights Web useability issues in a brief and cogent way. Worth reading for anyone involved in Web site design. User Interface Engineering Begun as a resource for software developers, Jared Spool's UIE team now performs all sorts of interface research and helps both programmers and Web designers make their products work better for users. World Wide Web Consortium The international standards body that defines official specifications for HTML and other Web-related languages such as XML, scripting languages, etc.

    8. Color, Browser Safe, Websafe, Web Safe Colors, Website Tips For Designers - Colo
    the .jpg charts and use your color picker with your graphics program. Guide) An amazingset of databases of color charts and colorcomposing engine, available
    Home Resources Color
    Our sponsor

    Link to us!
    Welcome to WebsiteTips Color section. You'll find several web-safe color charts here by VisiBone's Bob Stein, by Lynda Weinman, and Daxassist. There are also resources to many more charts, and articles and tips on color and design, color psychology and meanings.
    Table of Contents
    Color Charts at This Site
    Color Charts Elsewhere on the Web

    Articles and Tutorials About Color

    Articles and Tools About Color Blindness
    Color Psychology, Meanings, Color and Design
    Color Charts at This Site

    9. Color Matters - Bibliography
    all color options when laying out a site or composing graphic images 3. Peterson,LK, GLOBAL graphics color DESIGNING WITH color FOR AN INTERNATIONAL MARKET
    Here's a bibliography to assist you in finding answers to your color questions. Also, link to our bulletin board for specific questions and to read what others have to say.
    Color/ General 1. Hope and Walch, THE COLOR COMPENDIUM , Van Norstrand Reinhold 1990
    This book covers all aspects of color. An excellent starting point.
    Color /Aesthetics 1. Itten, Johannes, THE ELEMENTS OF COLOR, Van Norstrand Reinhold
    A must for artists. Basic principles as well as interesting psychological and optical information. 2. Albers, Josef , THE INTERACTION OF COLOR , Yale University. This classic book explains the critical contextual relationships of color. How and why colors change their appearance. 3. Arnheim, Rudolph, ART AND VISUAL PERCEPTION, University of California Press. The most thorough and academic book about design principles. 4. Morton, J.L., COLOR LOGIC , Colorcom, 1998. A practical, visual guide that takes the guesswork out of color theory. This clear, concise, and fully-illustrated book presents a complete picture of color terminology, harmony, and dynamic color effects. 172 illustrations take you from undertanding essential theory to application. Currently being used as a text book for design courses in the US, Canada and Australia. 5. Chirs Willard's (adjunct faculty , Hunter College)

    10. Equipment,Color West Graphics Inc., A Commercial Lithographer, Printer, Located
    Complete Camera Department, Line Halftone - Duotone. color Stripping- Duping - composing. Dupont Automatic Film Plate Processors.
    • 2 Power Mac Rip Stations Optronics Color Getter Pro II Drum Scanner 4 Power Mac Work Stations Umax Flat Bed Scanner 8.5 x 14 Panther Pro 46 Image Setter, 18 x 27 Elite XL 616 Laser Printer Zip Drives 100MB, Jazz Drives 1 & 2 GB, 5 1/4" M.O. Drive 1.3 GB Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Quark Complete Camera Department, Line - Halftone - Duotone Color Stripping - Duping - Composing Dupont Proofing System - Full Color Laminated Proof 20" x 28" 6 Color - Komori Lithrone 28 with Aqueous Coater 20" x 28" 6 Color - Akiyama Hi Ace 42" Pivano Computerized Cutter 20" x 28" Baum Folder - Pile Feed 23" x 35" MBO Folder - with Gate Fold Attachment Muller - Martini Saddle Stitcher - 6 pocket Hand Bostitcher Challenge 3 Hole Punch Fugitive Gluing - Spot Glue For Mailers 12" x 17" Auto Shrink Wrap System Product Assembly Collateral Fulfillment Inventory Control - Mas 90 Accounting System FedEx Power Ship Terminal UPS Online Office IBM Netfinity 3000 File Server - Windows NT Windows 98 Workstations - Zip Drive 100MB, IBM Format

    11. Composing Bitmaps For SURVEYWin®
    composing Bitmaps for SURVEYWin in a format other than .bmp, you will need to usea graphics program to in MS Paint, resize it and save it as a 16 color bitmap
    Database software for gathering information SM NEW! EZSurvey 2002! Raosoft Home Products
    - Web/Mail/Palm
    - Web
    - Lan/Disk




    EZSurvey help
    EZSurvey FAQ SurveyWin UFill mail ... More... Services Web Forms - Hosting Consulting Training Press News Reviews Screenshots Press Releases Information About Raosoft Section 508 - Gov't Customer References Advantage, Online Forms ... Jobs Ordering Suggested packages Contact us Resellers Registration ... Questions and comments Downloads Demos EZSurvey 2002 Demo Products/Updates Manuals ... TableViewer - Free! Design Tips Successful surveys Sample forms SurveyWin EZSurvey ... Color/Format Templates Options Large menus Wide menus Printable view
    Composing Bitmaps for SURVEYWin
    You can use bitmap graphics in SURVEYWin to embellish a page or to use as response buttons. The bitmaps may not exceed 32 KB, but there are procedures you can use to create and use images within that 32 KB size. These procedures were tested using MS Paint and MS Word. Keep the graphic small. A graphic of 2.5 by .75 inches is about as large as you would want on a project screen. A graphic of 4.5 by 2.5 inches completely fills the screen. A graphic cannot be sized in SURVEYWin

    12. Composing Bitmaps For SURVEYWin®
    composing Bitmaps for SURVEYWin in a format other than .bmp, you will need to usea graphics program to in MS Paint, resize it and save it as a 16 color bitmap

    13. - United States - New - Computing - Internet - Web Site Design - Graphi Offers a library of free web graphics, borders,and Page http// Offers a color composing engine, color

    14. Tim's Web Page Directory - Web Page Developer
    for accessibility to people with disabilities composing Good HTML Comparisons Tim Folker WebReference; Web; Authoring; graphics; color link collection.
    Tim's Web Page Directory - Web Page Developer
    Hints, Tips, and Design Considerations
    Better Homepage Bobby - web page checker for accessibility to people with disabilities Composing Good HTML James Tilton Design Not Found - the best and worst of contingency design DZine - a guide to good web design Georgia Institute of Technology Home Page Construction Set Eric Sasaki HTML Bad Style Page Tony Sanders, Berkeley Software Design HTML Goodies The HTML Writers Guild Pirated Sites Tim Murtaugh Project Cool Pursuing Page Publishing Recipe for a Successful Website Nathan Shedroff Style Guide for Online Hypertext Tim Berners-Lee Viewable With Any Browser - campaign for a non-browser specific WWW Cari D Burstein Web Design Articles MIS Web Design Web Design Tips Colin Mackenzie WebDeveloper Web Pages That Suck Vincent Flanders Web Site Garage Web Style Guide Worst of the Web Writing for the Web Jakob Nielsen
    HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
    Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3 - Module mod_include

    15. W3 Resources
    composing Good HTML Eric Tilton's classic. Preparing graphics for the Web, by DouglasE. Gray, is a nice overview of file formats and color depths.
    N MY MORE CYNICAL MOMENTS, it often seems to me that half the sites on the World Wide Web are devoted to nothing more than teaching others how to create Web sites. The other half, of course, are devoted to hawking products, both real and imaginary, i.e., vaporware. In less unkind moments, I realize that the proportion of such sites is not really quite that high.
    ist of Topics
  • Fonts and Typography
    utorials and Tips
    How-to advice.
    Lots of tools, and tutorials, JavaScript tip of the week.
    Web Engineer's Toolbox
    Tools and tutorials
    WWW Authoring Information
    Tools and tutorials
    The Web Designer
    Everything you need to know about creating and maintaining a web site.
    Macromedia Web Center
    Links to everything, guides, graphics,...
    Intro to HTML
    Dan Fortriede's HTML summary
    Alan Flavell
    Alan's rag-bag of ideas and tips particularly interesting for tips on how to make your documents absolutely portable, e.g. to less capable browsers.
    Warren Steel
    Web hints for flexible and portable documents.
  • 16. Using Color For Text And Images
    This one is often referred to as browsersafe color palette and should be usedwhen composing GIF graphics (simple graphics like bullets, arrows, buttons or
    Using Colors
    If you have already been to the tutorials about using the FONT and the TABLE tag as well as page attributes you will have noticed that HTML allows to set colors for text, links and backgrounds. In most of those pages I have referred to color with either a hexadecimal colornumber or a color name. Let's take a look what's behind all this:
    Colornames in HTML Tags
    There are three ways colors are referred to:
    By a Colorname
    You all know colornames: red, green, blue, white, yellow, and much more. It's the easiest way to assign color to some text or a background in an HTML tag. However, there are only 16 colornames which are understood by all browsers. Those are listed in the table below. All other colors should be referred to by using hexadecimal color values.
    By a RGB Color Value
    Remember the days in school when you mixed your colors using just yellow, red and blue? Any color value stated as RGB value includes the information about how many parts of those basic colors are needed "to mix" the specific color. RGB values are always given as number triplets like shown in the table below, each value can vary between and 255.
    By a Hexadecimal Color Value
    Every RGB value can be transferred into a hexadecimal value, and these are understood by the browsers. Each color part is given in a duplex of either numbers and/or letters which can have a value between 00 and FF.

    17. An Introduction To The Applications Of Color In Computer Graphics
    color makes the graphics more appealing, both because the data is displayed as thenecessary data used to model the data as graphics (composing the graphics).
    This page updated: January, 2001 Appendix 4: An Introduction to the Applications of Color in Computer Graphics [COLORREZ.RPT] [Began: 1989] [Printed: March 24, 2000]
    "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . "[Lucas, 1977]. Thus begins the epic adventure that launched computer graphics into international acclaim. George Lucas captured the thrill of adventure using special effects and computer graphics to dazzle enchanted viewers. The company he formed to produce Star Wars went on to become the leading producer of films that use computer graphics [Industrial Light and Majic (ILM)]. Graphics were needed to make the data computers manipulate (produced) more accessible to the human mind. Computers use (create) immense amounts of data. Computer graphics help humans understand the data as information. Color was needed to enhance this process. Color makes the graphics more appealing, both because the data is displayed as information (more legible), and for psychological reasons that are not completely understood to date. Today, computers can produce graphics as immense and complicated as the data. Current research is in writing programs to limit the necessary data used to model the data as graphics (composing the graphics). Computer graphics were developed in the mid 60's, "a long time ago" to a computer, since these machines split the second into billionths to count the passage of time (nanoseconds). Computer graphics began with Ivan Sutherland, who developed the first program to allow a user to interactively draw graphics on the computer screen [paintbox?]. Marvelous as this process was, within a decade, Jim Blinn analyzed such things as the colors of the spectrum and how light is reflected and refracted on the surfaces of various shapes of polygons and coded it into computer programs. The value of Jim Blinn's contributions was epitomized when, Ivan Sutherland said, "There are only a dozen good people in computer graphics, and Jim Blinn is six of them"[Rivlin, 1986]. The pioneers wrote the programs that enable mere mortals to apply the rules of physics they encoded and produce computer graphics with relative ease.

    18. Lesson Four--More Fun With Graphics
    graphics and colors on your pages should make a statement they are part of therhetoric, part of the marangraphics Web color Chart composing Good HTML
    HTML Authoring for Beginners
    Lesson Four
    More Fun with Graphics
    A WWW page that is nothing but a solid block of text is, well, boring. Why bother? :) However, simply pointing to other people's images and including them on your page isn't enough either. Graphics and colors on your pages should make a "statement"they are part of the rhetoric, part of the message. They should enhance the readability, the visual attractiveness, of your page, of course, but they should also serve a purpose. Often, therefore, you will want or need to design your own images. Colors also convey messages. We all know that certain colors are soothing, others are energizingthere have been whole studies of the effect of colors. Colors on Web pages can also add to (or detract from) the overall readability of a page. Of course, you should keep in mind that with the wide variety of browsers and user overrides, whatever colors you add to your page may not be what the viewer actually sees. Nonetheless, you will probably want to consider using colors, background .gifs, and other visual elements as part of your rhetorical structure. But.... How?

    19. DM 160 : Resources
    teachingtool/fontcolor.html; color composing Engine http//;Which color Palette? Optimizing Web graphics http//webreference
    Schedule Exercises Help Forum Resources ...
    Exercise 8
    is due on 4-8. Final Project is due in 50 days.
    Click on a link below to jump down to that link section. Top
    HTML Tag References

    20. Maple | Application Center | Maple Graphics And Animations I
    explain how the graph of the y=sin(x^2) arises from composing the graphs x,g(x),h(g(x))+0.01,x=a..a,color=blue,thickness Endof Maple graphics Animations I.
    Section 1e: Curve Lying in a Surface; Plotting a Vase; Two Intersecting Surfaces Shannon Holland, , and Matthias Kawski,
    CoMaTh Conference, Stockton,CA, August 1995. 2000 Matthias Kawski This work was supported by the National Science Foundation through the ASU Foundation Coalition. Curve Lying in a Surface It is very common to draw a curve that lies in a surface. For elementary reasons (discretization, and interpolation, possibly even linear) we should not expect that we can nicely see the curve: restart; with(plots): hill:=plot3d(f,-3..3,-3..3,color=cyan): flat:=spacecurve([t,g(t),drop],t=-2..2,color=blue,thickness=2): high:=spacecurve([t,g(t),f(t,g(t))],t=-2..2,color=magenta,thickness=2): base:=plot3d(drop,-3..3,-3..3,color=green,grid=[2,2]): backlight:=[50,20,0.8,0.8,1]: Plotting a Vase ss:=spacecurve([rr(h(t))*cos(g(t)),rr(h(t))*sin(g(t)),h(t)],t=0..2*Pi,numpoints=100,scaling=constrained,color=blue): pp:=plot3d([rr(t)*cos(s),rr(t)*sin(s),t],t=0..3.5,s=0..2*Pi,scaling=constrained,style=patchnogrid,orientation=[33,80]): Two Intersecting Surfaces The problem of interpolated surfaces generated from discrete grids generally makes it very hard to get a good picture of the curve of intersection of two surfaces.

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