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         Great Britain Government:     more books (100)
  1. A New Collection of Laws, Charters and Local ordinances of the Governments of Great Britain, France and Spain: Relating to the Concessions of Land in their ... of Spanish, Mexican and Civil Law) by Joseph M. White, Agustin Parise (New Introduction), 2010-09-30
  2. Major foreign powers: the Governments of Great Britain, France, Germany, and the Soviet Union by Gwendolen Margaret and Ranney, John C., and Herz, John H. Carter, 1957-01-01
  4. Seal Fisheries of the Behring Sea, etc.: The Official Correspondence between the Government of the United States and the Government of Great Britain touching the Seal Fisheries of the Behring Sea Since the 19th of July Last. (51st Cong., 2nd Sess., House Executive Document, 144) by Benjamin Harrison., 1891
  5. Major Foreign Powers: The Governments of Great Britain, France, The Soviet Union, nd Germany: Revised Edition by Gwendolen M., John C. Ranney, and John H. Herz Carter, 1952
  6. Agreement Between the Government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the People's Republic of China Concerning Maritime Transport (Cm.: Treaty Series: 1996: 3454: No. 91)
  7. Message ... transmitting ... the corrspondnce with the Government of Great Britain in regard to the alleged outrage upon American fishermen at Fortune Bay, Newfoundland.
  8. Message ... transmitting Correspondence between this government and Great Britain, within the last two years, in relation to the "Washington Treaty," and to the free navigation of the river St. John, and to the disputed territory fund ...
  9. Message from the President of the United States, in Answer to a Resolution of the Senate, Communicating the Correspondence Which Took Place Between the Government of Great Britain and that of the United States between the 20th of June, 1840, and the 4th o
  10. A New Collection of Laws, Charters and Local Ordinances of the Governments of Great Britain, France and Spain by Joseph M. White, 2009-12-17
  11. The Government of Great Britain by Graeme C. Moodie, 1965
  12. The financial relations between the Spanish government and Great Britain : three articles from the ""Financial News"" by Financial News, 1937
  13. Major foreign powers: The governments of Great Britain, France, Germany, and the Soviet Union by Gwendolen Margaret Carter, 1957
  14. The ministry and government of Great-Britain vindicated. In answer to a book entituled, An enquiry into the conduct of our domestick affairs, &c. In a letter to the author. by See Notes Multiple Contributors, 2010-06-09

81. E-Journal -- Browse By Subject
Economic Conditions 1945; great britain Economic Policy 1945-;great britain Politics and government; great britain Social

82. Zubal Books - Quick Search
cloth, 276 pp., vgfine - medieval history public finance government genealogy.Item Number ZB275131, This selection has 1 volume. $75.00. great britain.

83. Columbia News ::: Barnard's Zisk Says U.S. And Great Britain Should Lead Peace-K
an economic crisis, one that threatens the popularity of the government and will Butthe United States and great britain do have unique capabilities that could
the Public Affairs and Record Home Page Current News News Archive Video Briefs Video Forums ... Home Page Barnard's Zisk Says U.S. and Great Britain Should Lead Peace-Keeping Mission After the War By Petra Toumi Barnard Professor Kimberly Marten Zisk "If we are serious about winning the war on terrorism, U.S. and British troops can't go home once the current fighting in Afghanistan is over," says Kimberly Marten Zisk, professor of political science at Barnard College and a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Instead, troops should stay in the region and be ready to go back in to restore order on behalf of the international community, since order in Afghanistan will inevitably deteriorate in coming months. Failure to achieve stability in Afghanistan will tempt terrorists to set up shop there again, reinvigorating the Al Qaeda networks that are now in disarray, according to Zisk. She argues that whatever arrangement is reached is unlikely to hold for long. When fighting erupts again, someone will have to intervene to prevent Afghanistan from reemerging as a safe haven for terrorists. Zisk, whose teaching specialites include the United Nations, international politics and international security, says that the UN plan is to support the new Afghan government with a peacekeeping force from Islamic countries, led by Turkey.

84. The Hussein-MacMahon Letters
I have, therefore, lost no time in informing the government of great britain ofthe contents of your letter, and it is with great pleasure that I communicate
The Husain-McMahon Letters (excerpt)
The McMahon Letter From The Israel-Arab Reader, (3rd Ed.) edited, Walter Laqueur, Bantam Books, 1976.
"Sir Henry McMahon (1862-1949), British High Commissioner in Cairo, negotiated in 1915-16 with Husain Ibn Ali, the Sherif of Mecca. The British government promised to support his bid for the restoration of the Caliphate (and leadership in the Arab world)...." October 24, 1915. I have received your letter of the 29th Shawal, 1333, with much pleasure and your expression of friendliness and sincerity have given me the greatest satisfaction. I regret that you should have received from my last letter the impression that I regarded the question of limits and boundaries with coldness and hesitation; such was not the case, but it appeared to me that the time had not yet come when that question could be discussed in a conclusive manner. I have realised, however, from your last letter that you regard this question as one of vital and urgent importance. I have, therefore, lost no time in informing the Government of Great Britain of the contents of your letter, and it is with great pleasure that I communicate to you on their behalf the following statement, which I am confident you will receive with satisfaction. -
The two districts of Mersina and Alexandretta and portions of Syria lying to the west of the districts of Damascus, Homs, Hama.and Aleppo cannot be said to be purely Arab, and should be excluded from the limits demanded.

85. Partnership 2000: Confrontation Line - Great Britain
Confrontation Line great britain, NEWS. The government is planning to shut the caravansite down within two years by which time the residents will be relocated


Confrontation Line - Great Britain NEWS
by Sam Cowan
There I was, lying in a pile of giggles next to the railway track. I had just fallen out of the Tel-Aviv-Nahariya train, because there was no platform for me to step onto. Instead me and my 20kg backpack had attempted to jump out to the field below. But it was like having a parachute that didn't open. A big brown hand came to my aid as a kindly Ethiopian helped me up from the clump of nettles where I'd landed. And so began my stay at Hatsrot Yasaf, an absorption village for 3,000 Ethiopian immigrants in the north of Israel. When I had made enquiries about volunteering at Hatsrot Yasaf, my contact at UJIA had tried to put me off. "It's like Soweto. The sewage may not work. You'll need jabs," he said. "Bring lots of mosquito repellent," added one of the assistants in the office. Little did they know that I'm a sucker for any experience which promises to be out of the ordinary. When I heard I would be living in a caravan, along with all the other Ethiopians, I was sold. My caravan was number 736, with a creaking fan and children's pictures tacked onto the wall. Outside, a little boy ran barefoot up the path pushing a car tyre, while a girl yelped as her mother tried to corn-braid her knotty hair.

86. UK Travel: London, Britain, Wales, Scotland
10 Downing Street website, the official website of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Contains the latest news from the UK government, Prime Minister's speeches, press briefings from the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman and the history about
UK Vacations

UK Hotels

Virtual Tours

London Travel Guide

British History
Monarchs of Britain King Arthur's Britain Biographies ... British Recipes BRITANNIA About Britannia Newcomer's Guide Privacy Statement BusinessCentre ... Contact us Search Britannia Type Keyword(s) and hit ENTER Travel Deals Hotel Specials Vacation Packages London ... Scotland Inside Britannia you'll find over 7000 pages of information, everything from the Magna Carta to last minute specials at London's Top hotels. You can use the links in the right column or the search box above to navigate the site. Stay on a yacht hotel in London! Sunborn Yacht Hotel Docklands The Sunborn Yacht Hotel is the world's first custom built yacht hotel set within a stunning waterfront environment in the heart of the historic Royal Docks 4 miles east of Tower Bridge. There are spacious suites, most with balconies, elegant lounges and a choice of restaurants and bars. For more hotels and special offers

87. BritainUSA
New York based section of the British Embassy. Information on britain for US residents. daily news, government statements, radio reports, information on topics like marriage, study or work in britain. britain at your fingertips
Britain at your fingertips

For information on the war in Iraq, including updates from the British Ministry of Defense, statements by Prime Minister Tony Blair and the latest on humanitarian relief in Iraq...
Enter a keyword eg. visas and then click go. Africa Agriculture Arts from Britain Asia Balkans Britain at the UN Central America Commonwealth Conferences Consular Services Cultural Diversity Culture Defence Drugs E-Britain E-Business Economy Education E-Education E-Government Election 2001 Embassy Employment Energy Environment E-Statistics European Union Fact Sheets FAQ's Foot and Mouth Genealogy Government Home Human Rights Humanitarian ICT Immigration Invest UK Iraq Jubilee (Golden) Kids Latin America Law and Order Library Life Sciences Media Review Middle East Monarchy Northern Ireland Overseas Terr. Passports Scholarships Science Scotland Social Issues Sports Technology Terrorism Tourism Trade Partners UK Trade Policy Transatl Relations Transport United Nations Visas Wales Women's Issues Tartan Day Celebrations
in the United States

April 2-8, 2003
CURRENT ISSUES Iraq What’s new on the site?

88. The Easy Way To Government Information And Services Online
Interactive portal to UK government services, including links to government websites, advice on how Category Regional Europe United Kingdom government...... If you're in Newcastle, get a free internet session and win a great NewcastleUnited FC prize! youngGov. Connecting young people and government.
Highlight buttons when selected Easy Access Help Site map Contact us ... About us
Search government
Username Password You are viewing the site in English English Welsh You are viewing content for England England N. Ireland Scotland Wales
The easy way to government information and services online.
Tuesday, 08 April 2003
Same site, fewer graphics, clearer text.
New laws for parents There are new rights over parental leave and flexible working
Humanitarian aid
The government is committed to the long-term support of the people of Iraq
British forces in Iraq
Military operations are continuing in Iraq
New mums and pensioners are among the groups gaining from new rates of social security benefits coming into force today
People can give their views on the rules for putting up dishes and aerials in England during a three month consultation
Around 1.5m people will be able to vote electronically in this year's local government elections
GM debate - live webcast
The Food Standards Agency is webcasting a Citizen's Jury on the question, 'Should GM Foods be available to buy in the UK?'
Focusing on youth issues
Play a part in public life
Public appointments are open to everyone, from all backgrounds and every walk of life

89. Foreign & Commonwealth Office Home
Includes information for UK citizens travelling abroad and a regularly updated archive of speeches, Category Regional Europe government International Affairs...... The UK government department responsible for foreign affairs. britain theEU Introduction to the EU; Policies; Recent Developments; Enlarging the EU.
Shortcut Menu Careers with the FCO Country Profiles Foreign Embassies in the UK Iraq Latest News Speeches Travel Advice UK Embassies Overseas UKVisas The UK Government department responsible for foreign affairs. We work through our London Headquarters and our network of Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates throughout the world. LATEST HEADLINES Travel
Main switchboard/
General enquiries:
Services for
Britons Overseas:

90. Governments On The WWW: Poland
Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej w Edynburgu, Wielka Brytania i Pólnocna Irlandia ConsulateGeneral of Poland in Edinburgh, great britain and Northern Ireland;
Governments on the WWW: Poland
Home Table of Contents List of Countries Signs and Symbols ... Feedback
Poland [ Polska ]
Official language: Polish
National Institutions:

91. New Communist Party
Founded in 1977 in response to the move of the Communist Party of great britain towards Eurocommunism and revisionism. Advocates support for Communist governments of China, North Korea, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam. Site includes the online edition of the weekly New Worker newspaper.
New Communist Party of Britain
Workers of all countries, unite!
Welcome To Our Homepage We are Communists because we believe in Socialism. We stand for peace and nuclear disarmament. For freedom from want and exploitation. Our weekly newspaper is the "New Worker" The New Worker - Updated weekly Left Links A regularly amended report on the political situation in Britain. 6.4.98 ... Special Features index The New Communist Party P.O.Box 73 London U.K. Phone +44 171 223 4050 Fax +44 171 223 4057 Write to us for more information You are visitor number after the ones who came before the counter. This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page

92. Pravda.RU Healthcare Reform In Great Britain Is Vital
1551 200203-07 HEALTHCARE REFORM IN great britain IS VITAL The British governmentpublished information about the return of thousands of patients who had
Say what you want! PRAVDA.Ru will hear you!
Mar, 07 2002 In Russian Em Portugues Former USSR Top Stories ... About Pravda.RU:Top Stories:More in detail
healthcare reform in Great Britain is vital
The British government published information about the return of thousands of patients who had been discharged from the hospitals as healthy people. The statistics over the last year shows a horrid situation, in which the medical services and the health of the British nation as a whole has worsened. Sick people were discharged from hospitals very early, their health being far from being perfect, and after they returned to their homes, their diseases progressed and the ambulances brought them back to the hospitals.
This is an ironic paradox, but there is a strong deficit of beds in British hospitals, like it was during the Soviet Union. The patients have to go home shortly after they are operated on: “you will recover at home,” so to speak.
There is the impression that the entire population of Great Britain is sick, since the statistics of medical visits and the capacity of the hospitals is very impressive. The healthcare machine is working really slow there.
The patients wait for an appointment with a doctor for four or even six months. After the appointment, the doctors send their patients for tests and X rays, another three months of waiting. After the results of the tests are known, an appointment is made again and then the wait for the operation: seven or eight months more. Therefore, the time from the first visit to the doctor and until the real treatment can cover a period of 18 months.

93. UK Department For Transport | Transport Statistics: Quarterly Traffic
Transport Statistics. Traffic in great britain Quarterly Bulletins. Further Noteson traffic data analysis. 2002 Quarterly data for Traffic in great britain.
Department for Transport
Transport Statistics
Traffic in Great Britain: Quarterly Bulletins
The document below has been made available in Adobe Acrobat format for downloading.
  • Estimated traffic levels rose by more than two per cent between 2001 and 2002. The rise partly reflects the impact of the foot and mouth disease outbreak on traffic in 2001. It is estimated that the underlying rate of growth was between 1 and 2 per cent per year. Estimated traffic levels rose by about two per cent over the year to the fourth quarter of 2002.
    Car traffic levels rose by about two per cent comparing the fourth quarter of 2001 to the same period of 2002. For the year as a whole, the rise was also two per cent.
    The level of goods vehicle traffic rose by one per cent over the year to Q4 2002. For the year as a whole, goods vehicles traffic rose by two per cent.

94. Tagish's Directory Of UK Central Government Web Sites
Universities UK Healthcare Providers Telematics and the Information Society WorldGovernment bullet Worldwide Brunei Darussalam, http//
UK Government UK Party Political Links UK Universities UK Healthcare Providers ... World Government Worldwide Embassies Technical Links
Directory of Embassies Worldwide:
Embassies of the United Kingdom Return to Information Resources: Embassies World Wide Contact Details Web Site (If Available) Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra ... World Government Worldwide Embassies Technical Links

95. BBC - History - Daily Mirror Headlines: The Declaration Of War, Published 4 Augu
An Order in Council has been issued declaring it expedient that Governmentshould have control over the railroads of great britain.






8th April 2003
Text only

BBC Homepage
History Topics ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend!
Daily Mirror Headlines: The Declaration of War, Published 4 August 1914
The Daily Mirror publishes the news that Britain has declared war on Germany, along with reports of overwhelming support for the King and a call for medical practitioners, tradesmen and motorcyclists to join the army. Page 1 of 5 Great Britain Declares War on Germany Mr Asquith's Statement Roars of Cheers for the King Why There is War ... Print this article Great Britain Declares War on Germany Declaration last night after 'unsatisfactory reply' to British ultimatum that Belgium must be kept neutral. The King's message to his navy - Government to take control of all railways. Admiral Jellicoe to be in supreme command of the Home Fleets. Huge crowds cheer their majesties at palace Great Britain is in a state of war with Germany. It was officially stated at the Foreign Office last night that Great Britain declared war against Germany at 7pm. The British Ambassador in Berlin has been handed his passport. War was Germany's reply to our request that she should respect the neutrality of Belgium, whose territories we were bound in honour and by treaty obligations to maintain inviolate.

96. Great Britain: New Parliamentary Assemblies A Step Towards Decentralized Governm
great britain New Parliamentary Assemblies A Step Towards DecentralizedGovernment. By Ben Partridge. Edinburgh, 10 May 1999 (RFE
Great Britain: New Parliamentary Assemblies A Step Towards Decentralized Government
By Ben Partridge Edinburgh, 10 May 1999 (RFE/RL) Political commentators say the elections to new parliamentary assemblies in Scotland and Wales last week have changed the face of British politics, opening the way to a new era of decentralized government. Voters in Scotland elected a new parliament in their capital, Edinburgh, the first to sit for almost 300 years. The people of Wales elected a new assembly in their capital, Cardiff, giving them a more direct say in their own affairs. Scotland, with five million people, and Wales, with three million, have long been united in a political union with their larger neighbor, England, which, with its 46 million population, is often seen by Scots and Welsh as unsympathetic to their aspirations. Thursday's votes keep the union intact, but they have devolved a significant amount of political power from the London parliament to the two small Celtic countries on the periphery of Britain which have seen rising demands for more autonomy. For many Britons, the elections were overshadowed by the NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia, the explosion of nail bombs aimed at ethnic and other minorities in London, and the inexplicable killing by a gunman on a London street of a woman TV presenter.

97. Bora Laskin Law Library - Links - Primary - Government
Links to Legal Resources Primary Sources - government Information. great Britainand the Commonwealth. Australia. Commonwealth government Entry Point.
Quick Links Search Engines Case Law Indexes (Law) International Material Legal Encyclopedias Legislation - Canada Legislation - Other Law Journals and Reviews Texts Treaties Lexis Westlaw Quicklaw Home e-legal
Links to Legal Resources - Primary Sources - Government Information
Great Britain and the Commonwealth
Commonwealth Government Entry Point
Parliament National Ministries: Other Government Bodies: State and Territorial Government sites:
National Parliament National Ministries and Other Bodies:

98. BdsbibSubjects02
30. great britain.Treaties, etc.United States,1783 Sept. 3. Gunpowder. Indiansof North AmericaGovernment relationsTo 1789.
PREV NEXT INDEX NEW SEARCH ... Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774-1789

BroadsidesRhode IslandProvidence1778.

BroadsidesRhode IslandProvidence1787.

BroadsidesRhode IslandProvidence1788.

BroadsidesRhode IslandProvidence1789.

99. South African High Commission :: Home Page ::
The official site of the South African High Commission in the United Kingdom based at South Africa Category Regional Africa South Africa government Embassies...... Economic Section, Trade Investment South African News South African governmentSouth African Web sites relevant to the links between britain and South Africa.
Home Page Profile of High Commissioner Foreign Affairs Administration South African Police Services ... Web sites relevant to the links between Britain and South Africa
South African High Commission
South Africa House
Trafalgar Square
London WC2N 5DP Phone
+44 (0) 20 7451 7299 (except Consular Section) Fax:
+44 (0) 20 7451 7283 (except Consular Section) This site is designed, maintained and administered by Staff from the South African High Commission.
The information, data or materials available on and accessed through this site are distributed by the South African High Commission for information purposes only. The South African High Commission accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of such information, data or materials and therefore makes no representation concerning its completeness, truth, accuracy or its suitability for any particular purpose. E-mail Information Email:

100. British Embassy In Tashkent
Provides information on Embassy services with news and links to other websites of interest.Category Regional Europe British Embassies Abroad...... The main aim of the Embassy is to develop and sustain britain's relationshipwith Uzbekistan as part of the British government's wider role overseas of

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Department of Trade and Industry BBC News British Council British Tourist Authority ... Defence Section Tashkent
Uzbekistan Contact details:
Address: 67 Gulyamov Str
Tashkent 700000
Tel: (+ 998 71) 120 7852
Fax: (+ 998 71)120 6430
British Embassy in Uzbekistan
The British Embassy in Uzbekistan was opened in September 1993 and is the official representation of the British Government in Uzbekistan. The Embassy building was opened by HRH Prince Charles during his visit to Uzbekistan in 1996. The main aim of the Embassy is to develop and sustain Britain's relationship with Uzbekistan as part of the British Government's wider role overseas of promoting British interests, prosperity and influence. The British Embassy is made up of the following sections, which offer particular services to the public:
  • Commercial Section: offers a range of services to promote trade and investment between Britain and Uzbekistan.

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